Webinar: Making ISO Work for You – A Practical Guide to Certification and Implementation

Looking to boost your organization’s credibility, efficiency, and customer satisfaction? ISO certification can help you achieve those goals and more. But how do you make ISO work for your unique company needs? Join us for a one-hour webinar led by ISO expert Martin Ziegler, where you will discover:

  • The many benefits of ISO certification, including increased credibility, improved efficiency, access to new markets, risk management, quality standard recognition, and higher customer satisfaction.
  • How to customize ISO implementation to fit your organization’s specific needs, goals, and culture.
  • Real-world examples of customized ISO implementation, and practical tips on how to document what’s necessary for certification.
  • An overview of the certification process and ongoing system maintenance, and how to ensure long-term success.

Each organization has its unique challenges, goals, and culture and while ISO can appear complicated and expensive at first glance, this webinar will demystify ISO and provide a viable starting point for your company. Register now and learn how to tailor ISO to your company’s unique needs to drive growth and productivity.

Who Should Attend

Business Leaders and Operations, Finance, Safety, Lab, and Quality staff.


Martin Zeigler

Martin Ziegler

Owner and Principal Consultant, The Bonney Ziegler Group

Martin Ziegler is an executive with over 20 years of experience in food safety, quality, management systems, and process improvement practices. He is dedicated to his work and a natural at guiding, training and engaging companies through the implementation process of quality and food safety management systems. Martin is passionate about achieving success for his client with a track record that gains him customer loyalty. He looks at each project as a customized solution to meet near-term needs while accommodating for longer-term process improvements and sustainability.

Webinar: Making ISO Work for You – A Practical Guide to Certification and Implementation

Start Date

June 7, 2023


12:00-1:00 PM ET


Virtual Webinar



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