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Every person has untapped potential. Too often, the difference between success and failure in a management role hinges on realizing and optimizing that potential. DVIRC’s Management Development Certification is a proven, cost-effective way for managers to build the skills necessary to be effective.

Course Sessions

The program’s nine half-day sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Leadership for Managers
  • Leading Change
  • Goal Setting
  • Feedback for employee engagement
  • Accountability
  • Handling Conflict & Performance Problems
  • Holding Effective Meetings
  • Conducting Effective (and Legal) Interviews
  • Capstone Presentation

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Management Development Training Preview

Who Should Take This Course

This program is intended for experienced supervisors, managers, team leaders, group leaders, or anyone making the transition to a management role. It is also ideal for established managers who seek to sharpen their skills or advance their leadership abilities.

Ways to Take This Course

Virtual Training • In Person Training • On-Demand Training

What You’ll Learn

Questions that this session will answer:

What are my leadership responsibilities in this role? What are the forces that a leader has to balance, and how does that choice impact my leadership style? How do I choose the best leadership style in a given situation? How do I create a culture of leadership, where everyone recognizes their part in the success of the company?

Content Areas:

  • Different management styles
  • Determining the right style for the current situation

Objectives or Questions that this session will answer:

Why do people have such a problem with change? What can I do to help them deal with change more effectively?

Content Areas:

  • 2 change curves
  • Leading change effectively
  • Understanding and dealing with resistance

Objectives or Questions that this session will answer:
How do I set goals that are meaningful for both the person and the business? How do I set goals that drive the desired performance? How can goals motivate people?

Content Areas:

  • The performance management process
  • Developing robust performance goals
  • Balancing skills and challenges to achieve “Flow”
  • Having goal discussions

Objectives or Questions that this session will answer:

What is employee engagement and why should I care? How do I determine the engagement level of my employees? What can I do to increase engagement? How can I use feedback to get the best out of my people?

Content Areas:

  • Employee engagement levels and why they matter
  • Actions to increase the engagement levels of all my people
  • Coaching and giving feedback (positive and constructive) in a way that builds engagement

Objectives or Questions that this session will answer:

Often, managers are hesitant to delegate, in part because they are not sure they can trust other people to do the kind of job they want. In this session, people learn a tool they can use to delegate effectively and build that trust. Why don’t people do what they are supposed to do? What action can I take to improve the accountability of my team?

Content Areas:

  • A 4-step agreement process for accountability
  • Appropriate actions when things don’t go as planned

Objectives or Questions that this session will answer:

What is really a performance problem? Why don’t people do the right thing? Do I have to intervene in conflict between employees? What can I do about it this and other problems?

Content Areas:

  • Diagnosing performance problems
  • Different kinds of conflict
  • When is conflict bad, and what to do when that happens
  • 8 steps for a successful performance improvement discussion

Objectives or Questions that this session will answer:

How can I make time spent in meetings more productive? Is a meeting the best way to accomplish the goal? Are there meetings on my calendar that should be eliminated? What can I do hold better meetings?

Content Areas:

  • Reasons to have or not to have a meeting
  • Applying the PDCA cycle to meetings
  • The critical nature of meeting preparation
  • Defining the necessary meeting roles & behaviors
  • Follow-up steps to keep improving my meetings

Objectives or Questions that this session will answer:

How have I applied what I learned within my organization? What did I learn as a result of my own application?

Content Areas:

Demonstrate utilization of acquired skill by presenting a section of the course content.

Why Management Development Training?

The leadership team is an essential link between customer needs and end products, and managers are a key part of creating high-performance environments. This nine-week course is designed to improve your ability to lead, motivate, solve problems, and inspire teams to succeed.

The DVIRC Difference

This workshop is a foundational component of professional development and introduces many of the key skills supervisors need to master, including key strategies for motivating others.

This program also helps supervisors learn when and how to give productive feedback, as well as how to deliver and modify training to accommodate different learning styles to generate optimal results.

Benefits of Management Development Training

Participants in our Management Development Certification program build their ability to:

  • Utilize a variety of leadership styles to achieve the best results for each person and situation
  • Reduce costly turnover by building supportive workplace relationships
  • Alleviate disputes with conflict resolution tactics that foster willing cooperation
  • Solve problems more effectively and minimize costly mistakes
  • Create win/win solutions
  • Give employees helpful feedback
  • Utilize effective techniques to coach for effective and higher-level performance

Meet Your Instructors

Vivienne Baxter - Senior Manager, Training & Organization Development

Vivienne Baxter

Senior Manager, Training & Organization Development

Viv Baxter is the Sr. Training Specialist at DVIRC. She is responsible for consulting and providing training, professional development, and employee engagement solutions. This involves needs assessments, developing on-site collaborative solutions and training, as well as conducting training and education courses held at DVIRC.

Featured Reviews from Management Development Training Participants

“Leonardo Helicopters has been utilizing the training services of DVIRC for several years; with focus on our leaders and future leaders participating in the Leadership, Managerial and Supervisory Courses. The professional training staff at DVIRC do an exceptional job imparting the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful leader. As a DVIRC alum, the Management Development Certification prepared me to take on a managerial role within our company and apply the knowledge and skills to lead my team effectively to include being a coach and mentor. Not only does the training benefit the person attending, when you apply the skills learned, your team benefits from the methodology and will follow suit. ”

5/5 Stars

Terry Conley

Manager of Corporate Training and Development, Leonardo Helicopters

“This course was my first step towards understanding the difference between management and leading.”

5/5 Stars

Dustin Allen

Moldamatic LLC

“No matter how long you have been in a position of leadership it is always good to sharpen the saw. This training was a good refresher training but also gives you new ideas and new ways to think of leadership.”

5/5 Stars

Greg Morris


“I absolutely love the course. I didn't realize how much money goes into have meetings. Now understanding how to properly structure a meeting. I can save the company money,”

5/5 Stars

Charles Baugh


“This class is well worth the ROI your company will get from the wealth of knowledge that takes you r leadership level from Good to Great! You will have happy and productive Managers and Employees if learning skills are implemented.”

5/5 Stars

Wes Thomas


“I recommend this course to all levels of management. Sometimes we think we're doing all that we should be and we're not. This course provides the in-depth information that at times are not provided in a normal training class.”

5/5 Stars

Jairo Pena


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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received up to 5 business days prior to class start date will not be charged the training fee, or will be refunded if payment has already been submitted. Cancellations 1-3 business days prior to class will be charged the training fee. As a courtesy, we will allow you to apply 50% of your payment towards a future training course within one year of the cancellation date. No refund will be provided for same-day cancellations and no-shows; customer is responsible for full payment without future training credit. Registrant substitutions may be made at any time. Cancellations must be submitted via email to or by phone at 215-552-3827.

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