March 21, 2022

DVIRC has created a Lean & Six Sigma Self-Assessment to help you understand the opportunities you have to leverage process improvement and talent development within your organization.

Our goal is to help you identify areas in the organization where you can eliminate waste, reduce costs, improve the performance of your staff, and increase your bottom line moving forward.

Our series of questions are designed to help rank if your organization is

  • Ineffective
  • At Risk
  • Needs improvement
  • Competitive

The Lean and Six Sigma score will evaluate the following continuous improvement (CI) areas including,

  • Front Office / Shop Floor
  • CI Teams
  • CI Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • CI Training
  • Change & Control
  • Work In Progress (WIP)
  • Scrap & Equipment Downtime, and more

DVIRC Lean Assessment ScoreThe 18-questions determine where you are in your CI journey, how likely you are to sustain CI efforts, if you have KPI’s in place, and more. After taking the assessment, you will receive a fully downloadable report that shows how both Lean and Six Sigma methodologies can be used to help empower your employees and improve the efficiency of your organization.

Interested in finding out where you are in your Lean or Six Sigma journey? Take our self-assessment here.