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July 15, 2022

When companies make the choice to invest in their people and culture, they see significant improvement in cost savings, employee retention, and overall workforce culture. Businesses constantly need to adapt to changing market conditions and it only makes sense that they should equip their people with the skills they need to solve problems, improve, and add value to their company.

But where to start? DVIRC’s broad bank of instructor experience and our applied learning approach enable us to tailor the right educational programs to address specific opportunities or challenges in any company. We believe everyone has untapped potential which is why we offer training programs for all departments and experience levels.

Lean Training

When it comes to Lean training, we recommend upskilling your front office and floor shop personnel alike. Our Lean Training programs are ideal for manufacturing, quality, engineering, or office employees who will be the hands-on practitioners of Lean.

  • Lean Manufacturing Tools & Essentials
  • Lean Leader Training
  • Level 2 Lean Champions
  • Principles of Lean

Six Sigma

DVIRC’s Six Sigma programs are a perfect way to groom rising stars within your operation, as well as other staff members who seek to learn and grow. Improving these skillsets is a cost-effective way to help employee retention while reaping the benefits of real-world project work.

  • Six Sigma White Belt
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Six Sigma Black Belt.

Quality Management Training

Our ISO Auditor Training is essential for quality personnel, or others within a manufacturing organization with a need to participate in or manage the ISO internal audit process.

  • ISO Auditor Training

Manufacturing Leadership Training

Supervisors, Managers, and Leaders across all departments can benefit from our Manufacturing Leadership Training programs:

  • Supervisor Development
  • Management Development
  • Leadership Development

Finance Management Training

Finance professionals who are looking to maximize their company’s profitability should look at our Finance Management Training programs:

  • Costing for Competitiveness Training
  • Manufacturing Finance Basics

Business Growth Training

Business owners, executives, and those in Sales and Marketing will find significant ROI learning how to identify prospects and convert them into leads at our Business Growth Training programs:

  • Building a Lead Generation System
  • Manufacturing Growth 101
  • Manufacturing Level Up

Supply Chain Management Training

This new addition to our catalog is ideal for new and seasoned Supply Chain professionals alike:

  • Inventory Management & Supply Chain 101


Manufacturers need an experienced partner to help them achieve their objectives, and many companies are partnering with us to develop and execute multi-dimensional, long-term organizational learning and development strategies. Each offering provides a significant Return on Investment that is well worth the price of admission.

Looking to improve your workforce? You can start by enrolling participants in any one of our public workshops or by bringing the program of your choice on-site to your facility. Any of these workshops or certifications can be customized to fit your needs.

Get started by contacting our Customer Support & Success specialist Teri Grumbrecht or filling out the online contact form here.

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