Manufacturing USA Access Project

DVIRC was awarded a contract with the Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment (DOD-OEA) to further help accelerate the adoption and deployment of AMTs to strengthen the capabilities and competitiveness of SMMs critical to the DoD supply chain.

To support these goals, DVIRC has accomplished the following:

Jeff Korsyn was hired as DVIRC’s new Technology Advisor. Jeff brings a wealth of technology solutions expertise to serve DVIRC’s clients. In this new role, Jeff serves as a general expert on the uses and value of AMTs, identifies opportunities for SMMs to invest in AMTs that would benefit their businesses, and connects SMMs to AMT experts for specific AMT implementation projects.

Staff Education: Provided training to DVIRC staff on the details, applications, and business benefits of AMTs

Third-Party Partnerships: Vetted and built a comprehensive bench of third party AMT experts to help SMMs implement AMTs Programming, Outreach & Awareness: Developed case studies, events, webinars, articles, and other outreach activities to educate and stimulate the market. Examples include webinars on Cybersecurity, Analytics, and Additive Manufacturing, and facilitating tours with regional SMMs who have successfully implemented AMTs

Capstone Education: Developed new Senior Capstone Projects with local engineering schools

Expanded AMT outreach and awareness into other regions, including New Jersey, Delaware, Lehigh Valley, and South-Central PA

Manufacturing 4.0 Project Goals

  • Inform, educate, and convene regional SMMs around cutting-edge AMTs.
  • Advise SMMs on AMT adoption opportunities through a range of consulting services
  • Help SMMs Implement AMTs to strengthen their competitive positions