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Every business, no matter the size, reaches a point where it becomes difficult to tell how to scale up from its current state. Sometimes it’s easier to grow outward than upward. This process is called market diversification. 

However, companies shouldn’t wait until their growth is stalled to diversify. In today’s uncertain economic conditions, it is even more essential that companies take the initiative to grow into new markets. Just like how a table cannot stand on one leg, a company cannot stand for long if it only has one customer base, or only reaches one market. Diversification is key to long-term success, adaptability, and revenue growth.  

But where to start? DVIRC has a wealth of experience supporting companies in their search for new markets. Since 1988, we’ve generated over $2B of value-added impact for our clients.  

In this webinar, DVIRC’s President, Chris Scafario, and Vice President of Research and Strategic Growth, Syliva Wower, will cover the ways that DVIRC has helped its clients diversify and how these tools and tactics can be applied within your company to drive growth and adaptability. 


This webinar will cover how:

  • Market Scouting helps your company reach new industries and develop new products
  • Supplier Scouting techniques help your company find even the most obscure suppliers
  • Lead Generation can grow your customer base and drive new sales
  • Voice of Customer (VoC) Research delivers the feedback businesses need to address the wants and needs of their marketplace and make strategic changes to drive topline growth through primary research.