Level Two Lean Champions Certification


This certification is a powerful second step for individuals looking to fortify and lead their organization’s Lean journey. Continuing the theme of a team-based approach to organizational opportunities, participants will further develop their skill sets to lead sustainable change within their organization. Our distinct “learn and do” approach is proven to develop Lean leaders that can manage, measure and lead their organization’s Lean transformation. Candidates will be required to complete a full PDCA cycle by creating, implementing and practicing with the improvement and coaching Kata process. This guided effort alone will yield a minimum of $50,000 cost savings for the organization.

Prerequisite: Level One Lean Certification.

Workshops Included in the Level Two Lean Champions Certification include:

  • Applying Lean Throughout the Enterprise
  • The Facilitator Workshop (2 days)
  • Pull/Kanban
  • Team Based Maintenance Excellence (2 days)
  • Lean Daily Management & Lean Leadership (2 days)

Benefits of the Level Two Lean Champions Certification

  • Learn how to be an effective leader in a Lean environment
  • Maximize your ability to use visual management in the plant floor
  • Learn advanced concepts in Pull / Kanban and Total Productive Maintenance
  • Learn facilitation skills to get the most out of all members of your Lean Team
  • Apply learned skills to current work environment
  • Build your confidence and learn how to enhance employee engagement
  • Sustain gains for effective leadership

Lean Champions Successes

Listen to past participants as they discuss the benefits of Lean Champions and what it has gained for them and their businesses.

Lean does work. It empowers the workforce to be self managing and improves the quality of your product. The fact that DVIRC is a local company with nearby training facilities has been very valuable. It’s easy to send our employees there for off-site sessions and great to have DVIRC support close at hand.

William Sterback
Vice President
Penn Reels

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