Leadership Development for the Management Life Cycle™

Most people have been promoted because of high performance in their prior position. Whether in your job with direct reports or leading an entire organization, continued success requires continuous professional development. DVIRC’s leadership programs are designed to meet that requirement.

From front line supervisors to senior leaders, we help you develop the skills needed to be successful in this ever-challenging role. To help you choose the best class for you, here is some information to guide your thinking. Each class is designed to meet the needs of those newly promoted (or soon to be promoted) to a supervisory, management, or leadership level:

Supervisor Training
Targets those with responsibility for supervising others, especially production, hourly and entry level employees. More.

Management Development Certification
Targets those with responsibility for supervising professionals, staff positions and supervisors.  More.

Leadership Development Certification
Targets those with responsibility for supervisor managers and others with leadership roles.  More.


Our hands-on learning process is designed to deliver quick results and is enhanced by open discussion of real-world problems, and of the often complex “people issues” inherent in the business environment.
Using a structured approach, each level in these programs builds on the prior one, covering a range of skills for new leaders building comfort in their new role, up through helping seasoned leaders refresh and upgrade their existing skill sets.

Any of these programs are also excellent complements to Lean and Winning Teams programs.
Since the classes build on each other, taking them in order is ideal. However, with enough review of critical concepts built into each program, you can elect to start with any program given the current level of your development.

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