Organizational Learning & Development

Over the past 20+ years we have provided organizational learning for hundreds of manufacturers, and thousands of individuals through 3 different channels: On-Site Customized Learning, On-Site Workshops & Certifications, and Public Workshops & Certifications.

 1. On-Site Customized Learning

Our broad bank of instructor experience and applied learning approach enable us to tailor the right educational programs to address specific opportunities or challenges in an individual company. Manufacturers need an experienced partner to help them achieve their objectives…and more and more companies are partnering with us to develop and execute multi-dimensional, long-term organizational learning and development strategies.

We understand the need to continuously improve productivity by building strong teams with the right tools, and the need to develop the next generation of leaders—managers and supervisors—with the ability to execute and motivate others.

Two of our most popular and impactful programs—Winning Teams and Leadership Development for the Management Life Cycle—emerged in response to those needs.


Winning Teams™

Winning Teams was developed over 10 years of delivering Lean Continuous Improvement training to hundreds of companies. It combines teaching Lean tools and skills development with leadership, coaching, and organizational learning. Winning Teams offers a customizable “train and do” approach that enhances an organization’s team-based problem solving skills, while equipping team members with the knowledge and ability to apply the tools and methods of Continuous Improvement.

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Leadership Development for the Management Life Cycle™

Our Leadership Development for the Management Life Cycle series consists of 3 tracks comprised of half day modules to help people successfully make the transition from being a top individual performer to being leaders of others:

  • Supervisor Training
  • Management Development Certifications
  • Leadership Certification

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Depending on your unique circumstance and needs, courses from these tracks can be combined for a “custom fit” that supports your organizational learning needs. Part of this program’s success is due to the personalized one-on-one coaching that is embedded into each learning module. Both programs will improve individual and team performance, enhance the skill sets of your people, embed a problem-solving mentality into your teams, and create a culture of high performance where individual and team accomplishments are both valued and celebrated.


2. On-Site Workshops and Certifications

Take any one of our public workshops or certifications and bring it on-site to your facility. Any of these workshops or certifications can be customized to fit your company’s unique needs.

3. Public Workshops and Certifications

We offer a wide variety of workshops and certifications at our facility for individual learning.  See our Events page for upcoming learning opportunities.


For more information or to speak to someone about how our Organizational Learning & Development services can help your company, contact us here or call 215-552-3800.