Training & Education


Market-driven Track Record

DVIRC strives to bring the best training and education offerings to our client base and continues to develop and deliver results-oriented programming. Over the past 10 years, we have delivered training and education to some 4,200 individuals in over 2,000 companies in our region. This level of investment by manufacturing leaders demonstrates their commitment to making sure their most important asset—their people—actually appreciate in value!

Applied Learning Approach

Our proven “learn and do” approach seeks to make sure that what is learned can be readily applied, and that it becomes embedded in the knowledge base of your company. Our instructors are keen students themselves and understand the value of incorporating various learning styles in the classroom, mindful of the overall organizational development needs of individual firms.

Meeting the Needs of the Market

We are offer learning programs to support your organization. Our Leadership Development Certification capitalizes on key strengths and skills needed to improve leadership effectiveness.

OrgLearningDVIRC’s workshops, certifications, and training programs can support a broad range of professional development needs in your company. In addition, nearly every program offering can be customized and delivered on-site to meet the needs (and schedules!) of your business.

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