Chris Scafario

Chris Scafario joined the DVIRC in 2007 to lead the Sales and Marketing Services practice. In this capacity, Chris has been responsible for uncovering and analyzing meaningful insights for clients and helping them execute on this information to become high-performance organizations. With deep industry experience, and expertise in research, strategy, lead generation and innovation, Chris has become a national leader in sales, marketing and lead generation strategy and execution.

Prior to joining the DVIRC, Chris developed and managed multimillion dollar product lines with industry-leading consumer goods companies such as Cadbury, Schweppes, and Philips Electronics. As a partner in his family’s beverage business, he co-created a highly successful line of Canadian Spring Water and later went on to grow the firm’s private label production by more than 300%.

When Chris joined the DVIRC, he saw the need for a lead generation offering that was scalable and actionable. The resulting Lead Generation Program—which creates the foundation of a growth plan, defines key target markets and delivers all of the “blocking and tackling” associated with marketing and sales—has been delivered to over 250 companies, and adopted by Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Centers throughout the country.

Chris’ expertise has allowed him to become a trusted advisor to the companies he partners with to produce tangible results. Lem Products, Inc., for example, has experienced 30% growth each year for the past three years and is now 70% beyond its original goals. At EFE Labs, he identified a previously unknown partner for the organization that contributed to the company’s 28% growth rate for the year. With an impressive 75%+ client retention rate, Chris has led the Sales and Marketing Services Practice to realize a 100% or greater return on investment for many of his clients.

He contributes articles to blogs and trade publications and regularly speaks about lead generation at MEP best practice events. Additionally, Chris speaks to many Philadelphia area financial services firms, universities, business consulting groups and trade organizations about lead generation, sales and marketing.

Chris’ expertise includes sales, marketing, product development, trade marketing, brand management, current state analysis, competitive analysis, benchmarking, SWOT analysis, primary research, lead generation, new market identification, messaging and marketing tactics and execution, and market segmentation.

Chris holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Philadelphia University and a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science. He is active in the car collector community and is passionate about bringing people together. In 2012 he started his own charitable group that was awarded the 2014 Charitable Partner of the Year by the Deborah Hospital Foundation. He lives in Cherry Hill with his wife, daughter, two dogs and a beta fish.