Barry W. Miller

Barry W. Miller, President/CEO has over 40 years of executive level manufacturing experience and joined the DVIRC in shortly after its founding.

Barry brings extensive experience in corporate finance, manufacturing control systems, and operations management to the development and delivery of services and programs for small and medium-sized manufacturers in the region. With a consistent focus on providing high value-added services to manufacturers, he is continually leading the development of innovative solutions based on the dynamics of the market. Barry received the Practitioners Award from the National Institute of Standards and Technology for outstanding achievement in developing high-impact services for small and medium-sized manufacturers.

In addition to managing the growth of the DVIRC’s consulting and educational services, Barry hosts the Manufacturers Council, an executive network group of CEOs from diverse businesses that benefit from a peer-to-peer exchange of best practice business solutions. He also serves on various boards and committees focused on improving the region’s economic competitiveness.

Barry is a true Lean Champion, promoting the powerful Lean organizational tools and methods that can improve any business’s bottom line.

In an effort to provide further value to the region’s manufacturing business
owners, Barry introduced a “right-sized” succession planning service to help owners and their trusted advisors address this critical transition issue. This service is grounded in the core DVIRC driver of helping business owners “grow business value.”

Prior to joining the DVIRC, Barry spent 14 years with Baldwin Manufacturing Company, a division of a Fortune 500 company Masco Corporation. Barry is an alumnus of Syracuse University.