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April/May Supplier Opportunities

DVIRC currently has 16 open opportunities for Supplier Scouting, please contact Teri know if you would like additional information.

Although some have passed the listed date, these are still open to review.

  • Opportunity: 2022-019 Fermented Soybeans May 2
  • Opportunity: 2022-026 Cork Grips closes May 9
  • Opportunity: 2022-028 LANG Engraving Mill closes Apr. 15
  • Opportunity: 2022-029 Aluminum Tubing closes Apr. 15
  • Opportunity: 2022-030 Fabricators for Production Equipment closes Apr. 18
  • Opportunity: 2022-031 Custom Mold Glass Bottles closes Apr. 18
  • Opportunity: 2022-032 Xantham Gum for Mesh closes Apr. 18
  • Opportunity: 2022-033 Urea Liquor Formula closes May 30
  • Opportunity: 2022-034 Unique Surgical Scissors closes May 5
  • Opportunity: 2022-035 Jars with Lids closes May 5
  • Opportunity: 2022-036 Tin Containers with Lids closes May 5
  • Opportunity: 2022-037 Powder Coating closes May 12
  • Opportunity: 2022-038 DOM Steel Tubing closes May 12
  • Opportunity: 2022-039 Chrome OD Tubes closes May 12

Did You Know?

  • DVIRC is one of 51 Centers in the United States dedicated to support U.S. Manufacturers.
  • This National Network has a dedicated and secure supplier scouting portal to connect manufacturers seeking supply chain partners, or interested in responding to supplier requests
  • Once entered in the system, your request will go out to all 51 MEP Centers and can be seen by over 1,400 unique manufacturing experts that have access to over 300,000 U.S. manufacturers all who are happy to share their knowledge and resources.


The Benefits to you? 

  • Connecting to the MEP National Network through DVIRC will help you dramatically expand your pool of potential supply chain partners.
  • All portal requests are free of charge.
    • Matches can start coming in on the same day a request is made.
    • If insufficient matches surface, other options exist to support your supply chain business needs.
      • DVIRC offers:
        • Technical and Supplier Scouting Research
        • Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning (SIOP)
        • Supply Chain 101 – A virtual learning cohort sharing best practices
        • Continuous Improvement Solutions to Support Supply Chain Disruptions & Instill Standard Work

To learn more about any of our offerings contact:
Teri Grumbrecht
Customer Success and Support
Office: 215-464-8550 x 266
Cell:    215-287-8378