Manufacturer’s Council

The Manufacturers Council consists of manufacturing leaders from companies with larger employment sizes (Typically over 100 employees).  The members come from all different industries and areas in and around Southeastern PA.

A professional facilitator chairs and organizes each meeting. Groups are limited to 15 members to assure maximum interaction and value. Each member receives a case study targeting one of their current business issues that includes pragmatic solutions and advice to achieve success.

We offer a confidential setting where leaders from non-competing firms share common challenges while learning best practice solutions for profitable growth.

Members gain an invaluable network of trusted business advisors, business development opportunities, business presentations, industry related resources, continuous improvement, and leadership development.

There is a quarterly membership fee and the Council meets on a monthly basis and members’ locations.

Additional Benefits:

  • Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing
  • Confidential setting, limited to 15 members
  • Exclusive to manufacturing leaders
  • Leadership development
  • Well structured meetings
  • Professional facilitator, advisor and coach
  • Each member gets a case study to address a current business issue
  • Best practice benchmarking
  • 4 free seats annually to any one-day class presented by DVIRC
  • 10% discount on any DVIRC Certification program

To learn more or to attend a complimentary meeting, please contact DVIRC at 215-464-8550 or send email to

The members are all highly competent business people. They come to the table with ideas that may be 180 degrees from your own. It’s these different perspectives that make membership a valuable experience.