AI Governance for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Adopt with Confidence

As small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) navigate the emerging AI landscape, responsible adoption requires a gradual approach – prioritizing AI governance and policy to mitigate risks while providing the organization the innovative benefits. With AI tools’ increasing use, SMBs face unique challenges, from data privacy and security concerns to potential AI bias and unnecessary expenses. This workshop equips SMBs with knowledge and tools to develop effective AI governance strategies, addressing their specific needs and concerns.

This workshop will include interactive activities to reinforce the participants’ learning. The topics include:

Establishing Your AI Center of Excellence (COE)

  • Structure and roles for your AI governance team
  • Upskilling staff and securing AI expertise
  • Gaining leadership buy-in and resource allocation

Addressing Employee Concerns

  • Openness and transparency best practices
  • Proactive communications plan

Governance Essentials for SMBs

  • Understand core AI governance principles through SMB case studies
  • Identify ethical risks and learn strategies to embed ethics
  • Set up lean governance structures for monitoring and compliance

Mitigating Your AI Risks

  • Assess your data privacy and security vulnerabilities
  • Detect and mitigate bias in your data and AI systems
  • Control costs through efficient implementation planning

Creating Your AI Governance Action Plan

  • Map out stakeholders and communications plan
  • Develop customized governance policies and processes
  • Build accountability with clear roles and responsibilities
  • Set realistic goals to measure your governance progress

You’ll walk away with a personalized action plan to responsibly adopt AI while safeguarding your SMB. This program also includes 1 hour of virtual coaching after the session to further support your understanding and application of AI governance concepts.

Throughout the workshop, you’ll work on practical activities, tailored examples, and have ample time for Q&A. Gain the confidence to govern your AI adoption proactively and sustainably.

Who Should Attend: SMB owners, decision-makers, IT/ops managers, compliance/risk management professionals, and anyone interested in AI governance implications.

Training Format: Highly interactive in-person session with group discussions, case studies, exercises, and Q&A with experts.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Importance of AI governance for responsible AI adoption in SMBs
  • Ethical considerations in AI development and deployment
  • Key principles and global AI governance frameworks
  • Practical strategies for implementing AI governance
  • Stakeholder engagement and policy development approaches
  • Risk mitigation tactics for AI adoption challenges


Dan Hughes

Co-Founder, ClariteeAI

Dan Hughes is a technology professional and co-founder of ClariteeAI, where he helps businesses understand and leverage Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) to improve operations & performance. Dan has guided organizations across various industries through major technological shifts, from early ERP system adoption to the latest in data engineering and analytics. He now focuses on helping clients harness GenAI through education, prototyping, and adoption.

AI Governance for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Start Date

August 6, 2024


1 Half-Day Session


9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon ET


DVIRC 2905 Southampton Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19154


$225 per person

Participants should bring their laptops

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