May 17, 2022

DVIRC has been extremely fortunate to have Donna Butchko, President of Leadership Systems Inc., as a third-party strategic partner for many years.

However, soon it will be time for us to bid her a fond farewell as she prepares to retire and spend more time traveling with her husband Dave and enjoying their new second home in Florida.

As many of you know, Donna has enhanced, developed, and delivered a wide array of Leadership training programs (both public, on-site, and customized) for our clients and has been instrumental in providing professional development opportunities for leaders at all levels.

Her expertise, energy, and passion for helping her students grow and pursue their full potential has been incredibly impactful and she has certainly left her mark on all those who have had the privilege to learn from her as she masters the front of the room.

Please join the DVIRC team in thanking Donna and wishing her all the best in her retirement and beyond.

In typical fashion, Donna wanted to ensure there is a seamless transition and has helped us identify and onboard some incredibly talented people to join our team of expert facilitators. We can’t wait for you to interact with our partners in on-demand training engagements and during our upcoming courses.

DVIRC Partner Facilitators

Jennifer Jannette Cano de Schenk

President & Head Consultant, CS Pathways, LLC

Ms. Cano de Schenk is partnering with DVIRC to offer their clients organizational development programs to prepare their workforce for current challenges while maximizing their positive impact. Ms. Cano de Schenk brings a multilingual and multicultural experience in entrepreneurial leadership and executive management to DVIRC. She has worked in several domestic and global projects, elevating executives’ performance in diverse industries.

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Jeff Kopenitz

Advanced Manufacturing Lean Master, Shingijutsu Japan

Jeff Kopenitz has more than 38 years of experience in the manufacturing and service industries and has expertise in Lean Six Sigma training and deployment. Jeff integrates the social side / human side with the technical techniques of Change Strategies. His coaching work with frontline and senior-level leaders provides alignment across the organizations. Jeff believes that “A workforce without the power to think is like having a vehicle without an engine, it’s going nowhere”. He strives to make sustainable continuous improvement part of a company’s culture by incorporating organizational development, systems thinking, and change management techniques into his education training and consulting practice.

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EJ Lydon

Principal Lean Consultant, Prosit Business Consulting

EJ Lydon is the owner and principal lean consultant at Prosit Business Consulting, LLC. For many years, EJ has worked closely with DVIRC, both in an internal capacity and as a consultant, providing advanced process and strategic services to small to medium-sized manufacturing companies to improve operations and maximize profit. He is committed to teaching and deploying lean through kaizen and a team approach to problem solving. He specializes in kaizen, lean, facilitation, team building, coaching, hoshin, and project management.

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JR McGee

J.R. McGee

Master Black Belt, Founder and CEO, X-Stream Leadership Group

J.R. McGee is the founder and CEO of X-Stream Leadership Group, LLC. J.R. works in close partnership with DVIRC to deliver Six Sigma training and consulting services to small and mid-sized manufacturers. He has innovated new techniques that drive organizational transformations and new methodologies that provide the sustainability piece to ensure companies see a true ROI. He has been developing high-performance organizations on a professional and personal level for his entire career, and also provides executive coaching, leadership development, and business process improvement sessions for companies worldwide.

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George Milton

George Milton

Founder, Targeted Performance Group

George has more than twenty years of experience in Leadership, Coaching, Change Management, Instructional Systems Design, Technical Training Design, and Effective Communications. He brings to DVIRC his diverse experience coaching senior executives, directors, and managers in a variety of organizations as they face various leadership, relationship, performance and communication challenges.

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Joe Reif

Targeted Performance Group

Joe Reif has over 30 years of Talent Development experience in both consulting and corporate environment. Joe spent 10 years with training consultant Educational Systems for the Future®. There he designed, developed, and facilitated learning programs for manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, and other industries. Joe facilitated ESFs Guaranteed Learning course and their Interactive Teaching Skills course that teaches learners how to be professional facilitators.

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Leigh Renkar

Targeted Performance Group

Leigh has 29 years of experience leading a broad range of organization development and business transformation efforts. She is a visionary, strategic, results-focused leader, with expertise in organization design, strategic planning, talent and leadership development, process improvement, employee engagement, and culture change. Leigh has worked in a variety of industries, including health care, construction materials, chemicals, and manufacturing. She is a dedicated change agent who has developed and led both small, and large-scale business transformation and organization development initiatives locally and globally.

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