September 21, 2021

DVIRC is excited to announce that Chris Scafario has been promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Chris initially started working with DVIRC as a third party and then joined the staff as a Marketing Manager in 2007.  In that role, he worked closely and supported Mark Basla, DVIRC’s Chief Marketing Officer, and was influential in helping to shape DVIRC’s rebranding and regional outreach efforts in addition to managing segmented campaigns and regional breakfast events.

Early on in his career, Chris intuitively recognized the need to develop the Marketing & Sales, also referred to as Business Growth Services, arm of the business. By building content and forging new relationships with key providers, he was able to develop and deliver a wide array of consulting solutions and quickly became regarded as a trusted advisor who delivers superior results.

Throughout his tenure with DVIRC, Chris has worked vigorously to educate and advocate for MEP Centers throughout our national network to introduce urgency to their clients around pursuing growth. He has been a “best practice” speaker at several MEP conferences, has worked with more than 20 MEP Centers nationwide, and is considered a go-to expert for NIST MEP.

Most recently, Chris has developed the Manufacturing Growth 101 program and trained its first cohort of students and has developed a unique program “Level-Up Manufacturing” program with the Community College of Philadelphia where a new cohort will be developed to advance makers and micro manufacturers as they work to “Level up.”

Chris has also been instrumental in helping our operations in the following ways:  finding and integrating new resources to drive efficiencies, enforcing a plan-do-check-act (PDCA) mindset, developing and measuring consulting staff KPIs, helping to develop new training programs, shaping our culture, and more. In his new role we look forward to the additional contributions he will make as an Innovator, Strategist, Collaborator, Coach and Mentor.

Congratulations to Chris on the new position!