Continuous Improvement for Retention & Growth During a Labor Shortage
December 20, 2021

Many companies still haven’t replaced all of the employees they lost during pandemic closures in 2020. With the added effect of the “Great Resignation,” in which millions of Americans quit their jobs in 2021, it’s no surprise that many companies are struggling to fill their open roles. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, as of March 2021, there are 8.1M open rolls that need to be filled.

While many industries have taken a hit, the toll the pandemic has taken on manufacturing has been catastrophic. According to IndustryWeek, while the manufacturing sector posted a record high of 892,000 job openings in August 2021, it only added 31,000 net payrolls. This means that many manufacturers are dealing with a lack of employees at the same time as the increased demand for products continues to rise during the pandemic. With a lack of workforce and an increase of work, retaining employees is more important than ever.

Luckily, there are strategies to deal with these challenges. For manufacturing companies looking to eliminate waste and drive results with their existing staff, DVIRC’s Continuous Improvement (CI) services like Lean and Six Sigma are designed to help.

Making Employees More Efficient

Our Lean and Six Sigma services work to develop a hands-on approach to eliminating waste and improving operational efficiencies. DVIRC’s programs have allowed clients to complete more work with their existing staff.

Implementing our Lean Manufacturing program has helped our clients to achieve

  • 15% or more increase in overall capacity and productivity
  • 20% improvement in on-time delivery and lead time to customers
  • 50% reductions in set-up/changeover time

Our Six Sigma consulting services are designed to reduce costs by minimizing scrap, rework, overtime, and overhead. We create a plan based on your business’s individualized needs and help your staff learn how to reduce process lead times and defects-improving their skills and speed up problem-solving in the process. Our Six Sigma programs offer a dollar-for-dollar return on investment (ROI) guarantee for every completed project.

Retaining Employees via Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement programs can also help companies retain employees. According to a survey by the Manufacturing Institute, 42% of respondents said training and career opportunities were a reason they stayed at their jobs. Offering opportunities for your employees to develop their skills through Lean and Six Sigma encourages them to stay at the company and is beneficial to both the company and the employee. Our programs also help empower employees, as they are able to see the results of their efforts.

DVIRC’s unique approach to Continuous Improvement includes

  • Developing employees’ skills, promoting faster problem solving, and creating more effective employees
  • Creating a standardized way of approaching problems to reduce guesswork and improve problem-solving abilities
  • Empowering employees to contribute more to their work and see tangible results

Looking to get the most out of your current workforce? Contact DVIRC so we can help you operate as efficiently as possible.