5S Visual Management

Ideal for any business looking to improve efficiency and effectiveness, employee communication and involvement, shop floor discipline, and create a safe working environment by creating a visual workplace.

Overview of 5s System

The 5S system is a series of activities designed to improve workplace organization and standardization. The system stops the causes of errors and defects that later become larger workplace problems.

Do your employees spend more time looking for the right tools than using them? Is workplace disorder and clutter creating inefficiencies in productivity? Are your employees empowered to contribute more towards greater productivity? It’s probably time for 5S.

  • 5S uses the following five pillars, and a sixth added pillar for Safety:
  • Sort (Get rid of it)
  • Set in order (Organize)
  • Shine (Clean and Solve)
  • Standardize (Make consistent)
  • Sustain (Keep it up)
  • Safety (Respect workplace and employees)

The DVIRC Difference

Since 1988, DVIRC has succeeded in helping our clients manage, improve, and grow their businesses, making it easier than ever to pursue dramatic productivity improvements. Using our “learn and apply” methodology, our Continuous Improvement experts engage and train your team in the 5S Visual Management process, driving accountability to the front line.

We facilitate a pilot implementation exercise to ensure the team has a solid understand of how to use the process. We work with our clients to identify the particular office or plant area, create a project establish goals and objectives, and work on-site using a five-step implementation methodology. Our experts will provide the essential training needed to implement and maintain 5S, as well as recognize additional opportunities to implement Continuous Improvement practices within the organization.

Benefits of 5s Visual Workplace

  • Reduced operating costs
  • 20% – 40% productivity gains
  • Improved quality of life and morale for operators and maintenance personnel
  • Significantly improved employee communication, engagement and satisfaction
  • Dramatically improved safety
  • Supported sustainability of results

Begin your continuous improvement journey.

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