Operations can be a strategic advantage to any company that delivers goods.  Information – real-time, accurate, contextual information – can increase the value and contribution of any operation (manufacturing plant, pilot plant, etc).  In this harvest season, join DVIRC and strategic partner Automated Control Concepts, Inc. (ACC) for a free webinar to discuss harvesting data to help manufacturing operations reap business benefits.  Desirable business objectives for operating companies include:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Enable higher revenue
  • Uncover hidden capacity
  • Build resilience and flexibility

These goals can be achieved by harvesting information.  We will discuss:

  • An approach of identifying the information that is needed
  • Determining whether it is readily available,
  • Capturing it easily and cost-effectively, and
  • Presenting it in a format – dashboards, displays, reports – that is readily understood and always available.