This one-day course is an ideal way to introduce your business to the cost savings, increased efficiency, and waste elimination at the heart of Lean manufacturing.

Why Principles of Lean?
Organizations—manufacturing or other—that ignore the inherent benefits of Lean do so at their own risk. Waste lies at the heart of virtually all processes, and without a structured, proven means of identifying and reducing that waste, you are sure to lose money and productivity. DVIRC’s Principles of Lean course gives you a understanding of the tools available to counteract these losses; from here you can move on to more in-depth instruction to put improvement plans into practice.

The DVIRC Difference
This one-day hands-on workshop focuses on the basic principles of Lean manufacturing. Attendees will have an opportunity to better understand these principles and apply them in a controlled environment.

This simulation guides teams through the transition from a traditional to a Lean manufacturing environment. Attendees will even experience how Lean principles are applied in a simulated production environment, equipping them with the fundamentals of Lean thinking…and doing.

Key elements covered
Participants learn how to eliminate waste and increase productivity while reducing costs and improving cashflow. They will learn basic Lean concepts to enhance the performance of any department in any type of organization.

Who should take this course
DVIRC’s Principles of Lean course is ideal for anyone looking to take the first step in their Lean journey. From the plant floor to the corner office, if you need to reduce waste and improve efficiency in production, office, or other functions, you will benefit from understanding the Principles of Lean.


DVIRC gives attendees an opportunity to combine classroom learning and real-world application to:

  • Develop problem solvers within your organization
  • Gain an understanding of Lean and its advantages
  • Learn how to identify and eliminate non-value-added activities