What Lies Ahead: How to Turn Disruptions into Opportunity


“What Lies Ahead” Great ideas are born of uncertainty, and the one certain thing is that uncertainty is likely to linger as the economy and financial markets emerge from the disruption of the COVID-19 era. The pandemic may be over (or close to it), but the implications will continue to reverberate for years to come.

Join us on October 14th for a conversation about the current state of affairs, what lies ahead, and how businesses might turn this unprecedented disruption into opportunity.



Scott Clemons
Partner, Chief Investment Strategist, Brown Brothers Harriman
“What Lies Ahead”


Viv Baxter
Senior Manager, Training & Organization Development, DVIRC
Develop your Most Valuable Asset – Workforce Improvement
Nico de Sousa Serro
Lean/Continuous Improvement Content Expert, DVIRC
Supply Chain Resilience
Tony Girifalco
Executive Vice President, DVIRC
DVIRC Workforce Initiative
Carrie Hines
President & CEO, American Small Manufacturers Coalition
Programs and Incentives to Support Manufacturers – the “Inflation Reduction Act” and the “Chips Act”
Sylvia Wower
Vice President, Research and Strategic Growth
Expand and Grow your Business Through Market Diversification
Chris Scafario
President, DVIRC
Regional Business Opportunities with the NAVY / DOD
Alan Shell
Director of Lean/Continuous Improvement Services, Master Black Belt, DVIRC
Build a Continuous Improvement Culture and Reduce Costs