Internship Opportunities for Manufacturers: Undergraduate/Graduate Student Design Internships

Do you want to enhance your competitiveness? Do you need to incorporate various Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMTs) into your processes? Are you worried about your talent pipeline?   

DVIRC and its partners are connecting manufacturers with regional design and engineering programs to help eliminate the challenges of sourcing, recruiting, and hiring talent. We are seeking manufacturers interested in hiring undergraduate/graduate school interns for spring 2020 internship programs.

Engineering Internship

Gain access to talent skilled in creative problem solving, 3D modeling, rendering, and other visualization techniques. DVIRC and regional engineering schools have designed a program that offers small and mid-sized manufacturers a “turnkey service” for sourcing, recruiting, and selecting interns with skills that will be deployed to work on a company-based technology problem, issue, and/or solution. DVIRC will work with companies to define the project, monitor and provide project management, provide training to the company-based mentor(s), and coach the intern during internship.

Companies that participate in the program receive additional support:

  • Developing project descriptions
  • Identifying candidates
  • Vetting applications
  • Support services — tracking of student’s work, feedback about engagement, and recommendations on best practices — for the intern and the host company

To learn more about the engineering internship, please complete the form below: