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Alan Shell

Alan Shell

Alan Shell is the Director of Lean/Continuous Improvement Services at DVIRC. He is responsible for facilitating organizations in their Continuous Improvement journey utilizing his Master Black Belt skills in Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. This involves on-site training and collaboration, as well as leading public training and education courses and certifications held at DVIRC.

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Gain the insights you need to understand the opportunities you have to leverage process improvement and talent development to eliminate waste, reduce costs, improve the performance of your staff, and increase your bottom line moving forward.

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Cultivating Excellence: Building Continuous Improvement Teams and Selecting Impactful Projects

On June 22nd, join us for a breakfast speaker event featuring Alan Shell, a Continuous Improvement expert and Six Sigma Master Black Belt from DVIRC. In this informative and engaging session, Alan will provide practical insights and strategies for establishing effective continuous improvement teams and selecting impactful projects to drive cost savings and foster business growth.

The Proven DVIRC Difference

For 30+ years, DVIRC has offered Continuous Improvement coaching, training, and consulting to help you increase your bottom line through greater worker engagement and process improvements. Whether you’re just starting, started and stalled, or advanced in your CI journey, we customize solutions tailored to your business to eliminate waste, build your culture, and increase efficiency.

4x ROI

Guaranteed on Consulting Projects


Client Cost Savings
in FY 2022


Average Improvement in On-time Delivery and Lead Time to Customers


Typical Reduction in Setup & Changeover Time


Johnson Matthey Generates 600% Return on Investment

Read how DVIRC’s Winning Teams™ program helped a global precious metals manufacturer generate significant ROI through Lean process improvements combined with employee training.


How We Help:
Lean and Six Sigma Consulting and Training

From the front office to the shop floor, DVIRC’s team of experts can work with you on any number of business issues to help reduce costs, increase productivity, and empower your team to solve problems and deliver results.

Winning Teams™

The Winning Teams™ program, developed over 10 years of delivering Continuous Improvement training to hundreds of companies, offers a customizable “learn and apply” approach that enhances an organization’s team-based problem-solving skills, combining the technical tools and desired behaviors of Lean, leadership, coaching, and organizational development.

Six Sigma

Our Six Sigma program features the region’s only team of Master Black Belts who work on-site to support and mentor clients from their initial project identification and selection to successful completion.


For business leaders who are truly invested in transforming their organizations for the better, our customized program, comprised of both technical and soft skills, such as leadership and organizational development, helps leaders dramatically improve operational efficiencies, increase profits, and create a more empowered and engaged culture.

Quality Management

Differentiation is a persistent challenge for small and mid-sized manufacturers. Those seeking to stand apart on the basis of quality—as opposed to racing to the bottom on price—have the opportunity to leverage ISO certification to assure the marketplace of their commitment to customer satisfaction and process excellence.


Liberty Coca-Cola Gains $1.4MM in Intial Cost Savings

Read how Beverage Icon Liberty Coca-Cola retained DVIRC Six Sigma experts to drive a culture of Continuous Improvement.

“DVIRC was very attentive to our strategic interests and adapted their Lean efforts to who we are and what we wanted to accomplish. I wanted Turkey Hill to become self-sustaining as quickly as possible. DVIRC has been wonderful at helping us develop our own programs.”

John Cox
Board Chairman,
Turkey Hill

DVIRC has worked very closely with PDC to enhance and develop Lean manufacturing skills among our employees. We have seen a direct impact on the production floor and a reduction of costs in raw materials and increased efficiencies. Working with DVIRC has also led to increased engagement and empowerment of our dedicated team members as they implement their learnings throughout our organization.””

Mateen Afzal
President and Chief Transformation Officer
PDC Machines

“Working with DVIRC provides an opportunity for ongoing training to improve our production processes, peer-to-peer learning, and advice and council on growth plans. Adopting lean methodologies and educating our employees has enabled us to increase sales dramatically, enhanced on-time delivery, and allowed the company to design innovative products and move positively to gaining competitive advantage.”

Probes Unlimited Logo

Ernie DeLany
Probes Unlimited

“When another curve ball was tossed our way, with Covid 19 and in-person on-site instruction halted, DVIRC was able to pivot seamlessly and complete the training virtually. Was a huge help for our team to be able to continue their training to push their projects over the finish line.”

Garrick Weaver
Former HR Generalist and Human Capital Manager
Rhoads Industries

“Green Belt training through DVIRC has aided us in taking a systematic approach to solving our problems. It made it easier to determine the effect of a project on our business. Our Green Belt project has helped the company save four times the investment of training in less than two months. “

Bill Odor
Lean Coordinator
Penn Engineering

“The training I received from DVIRC paid off. We utilized a variety of Lean manufacturing principles, such as 5S. We had very confined spaces, so it was important to have a place for everything and that it could be sustained. During Six Sigma, we learned how to analyze and collect the data in a way that I could maintain my processes indefinitely. This has helped us identify customer pain points and bottlenecks in our processes. It helped us grow our service division tremendously.”

Frank DiSilvestro
Director of Production Operations and Logistics
PAC Strapping

“The Black Belt class is a great experience. You get to network with peers who are experienced and versed in the tools and skills and applications of them. It’s great to talk with other companies who are sharing similar problems and are applying tools in creative ways.”

Jonathan Parent
Former Senior Manufacturing Manager
DSM Biomedical

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