Technology Services

DVIRC takes a practical hands-on approach to Technology Services, which can start with an in-depth technology capability assessment that helps to identify technology-related opportunities for business growth.

Whether you need a solution for unmet technology needs, are looking for new technology or a technology partner, or if you’re trying to figure out how a technology solution might help with any problem that needs to be resourced outside the business, DVIRC can help.

As part of a statewide and national system, our center is connected to national research labs and technology experts locally and around the country. Our extensive project management experience uniquely positions us to support your business needs.

Some of the things we can help you with right now include:

  • Assessing the fit and qualification of your technology for new markets, including identifying those markets and developing new customers in them
  • Identifying and convening other companies with similar or related technologies to explore joint technology, product, and market development opportunities
  •  Finding emerging technologies from non-traditional sources and identifying technology experts in strategic areas of interest
  • Discovering relevant technologies residing in universities, public and private research labs, start-ups, and established businesses
  • Conducting an Assessment of your core technologies and products to better understand their life cycles and their opportunities for innovation or disruption
  • Developing a better understanding of technologies with increasing importance to industry, such as 3D Printing, Composites, Robotics, and the Cloud

For more information about Technology Services, contact DVIRC, 215-464-8550.