Technology Scouting

Whether you need to overcome a tricky technical challenge or commercialize a new product, turn to DVIRC’s Tech Scouting service to leverage a wealth of new resources.

As a member of the national MEP network, we are devoted to encouraging and assisting American manufacturers. To this end, DVIRC’s Tech Scouting efforts focus on pairing our clients with innovative, affordable technology sources that meet their unique needs. Let our Tech Scouting team connect your business with innovative solutions that serve pre-existing but unfilled market requirements.

Rather than pursuing a push-based approach—developing new technologies in hopes of anticipating market needs—Tech Scouting is grounded in a pull-based approach to innovation. The difference is both a matter of reduced risk and expense, and a fundamentally different mindset.

DVIRC’s Tech Scouting efforts represent technology sources that have been thoroughly researched and adapted to meet pre-existing market needs.

They can also be more easily integrated into the processes already in place at your business, reducing risk and potentially giving your business a competitive edge.

Moreover, beyond helping companies find the technologies they need to accelerate business growth, DVIRC’s Tech Scouting services are also intended to help innovators develop and move their products to market more quickly.

To date, the MEP network has conducted eight Tech Scouting pilot projects in partnership with Research Triangle Institute (RTI) International. These included participation from five MEP centers and eight of their manufacturing clients.

Whether it is helping manufacturers find technology solutions or aiding companies in the development of their own products, the value of DVIRC’s Tech Scouting services lies in our ability to pair clients with resources they would not otherwise have access to.

The bottom line? Through our Tech Scouting services, DVIRC connects manufacturers with the technology resources they need to compete and grow.