Export Assistance

Successful Firms Need to Consider Exporting as a Growth Strategy—Let DVIRC help!

75% of the world’s spending power and 96% of its people live outside the U.S., while domestic markets are declining and fiercely competitive. U.S. manufacturers have identified unique opportunities to export products and services where previously they didn’t recognize the need.

DVIRC’s market development services help small and medium enterprises to identify new markets, new customers and new products to support business growth. We work closely with the largest export assistance network in the nation – The U.S. Export Assistance Center and The World Trade Center of Philadelphia.

  • Accelerated Speed-To-Market
  • Jump start international sales growth
  • Efficiently connects companies with experts and qualified resources at the state, federal, or private level
  • Reduced Risk and Increased Success
  • Starts with the big picture in mind (strategic focus)

Our approach aligns client needs and gaps with a common goal of increasing value and growth for the company.

We have valued relationship and partnerships with US. Commercial Services, World Trade Center, Small Business Administration, and SBDC’s; among many other affiliate partners DVIRC stays connected with the export partners on behalf of the company to ensure consistency of purpose and meet company objectives. We offer ongoing support, in broad business competencies, to help overcome challenges and barriers as your organization works through export implementation

DVIRC’s team is comprised of senior business executives with extensive experience of combined leadership and profit and loss responsibility with leading manufacturing enterprises. We have over a twenty-year track record of successfully delivering business solutions to manufacturers in Southeastern Pa.

If you have questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact Keith Ashlock at 215-464-8550 or kashlock@dvirc.org.