Branding & Design

In the Philadelphia Region and across the country small and midsized businesses tend to take their corporate identity for granted.

Many business leaders fail to recognize that their corporate identity and brand positioning can dramatically enhance their ability to showcase their core competencies, or what makes them unique at trade.

Research has proven that organizations that focus on showcasing their unique selling points or features and value added benefits are significantly more likely to be perceived as a priority link in their client’s supply chain; and they will also have a higher likelihood of having new prospects identify them as a potential supplier.

DVIRC has works with dozens of manufacturers across Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester and Delaware Counties; helping them to define, develop and fulfill a host of marketing collateral that has helped their online and offline initiatives make an impact.

DVIRC is a leading resource for Industrial Marketing.

Our Corporate Identity and Branding efforts can support your: logo design, business card and stationary development, PowerPoint design , catalog and brochure development, truck and outdoor signs and website design, search engine optimization and social media efforts.

DVIRC’s Marketing Services team operates as an extension of our client’s staff and makes the toughest jobs seem easy. We are experts at reducing the amount of time our clients need to invest in their sales and marketing activities and coming up with best in class materials, faster and more affordably than ever thought possible.

If you are a manufacturer in Southeastern Pennsylvania and you have ever wondered what it would take to more effectively promote your business to the biggest players in your market, contact us today!