Costing for Competitiveness

Do you know the cost of doing business?

Are you confident that your products or services are priced in a way that keeps you competitive while assuring profitability? Understanding your costs is critical to accurate pricing, successful quoting and bidding, and achieving business targets for growth and profitability.

In just one to two days, DVIRC can conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business costs, including labor rates, taxes, benefits, equipment depreciation, overhead and more. You’ll gain the benefit of an accurate and complete understanding of what it costs you to do business and make a profit. With this foundation, you can build a stronger, more competitive pricing structure, and make strides toward enhanced profitability.


  • A full and accurate understanding of your cost of doing business
  • Data that guides you to confidently establish pricing to achieve realistic profit targets
  • The ability to compete more effectively in your market

Dramatic Difference:

  • Expertise from costing professionals with a deep understanding of manufacturing
  • Insight that enables you to determine when to take work and when to turn it down
  • Competitive Costing will demystify any costing/quoting issues and answer the tough questions about launching new products or taking on new business profitably

Real Reason to Believe:

  • Since 1996, DVIRC has helped more than 100 manufacturers discover their real business value, enhance pricing, and strengthen profitability through costing analysis services
  • For a small investment, we deliver an easy to use financial tool that includes fully loaded labor rates, equipment depreciation and all overhead
  • DVIRC is committed to making sure you understand the value of the information we develop and how you can best use it to your advantage