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Huntingdon Valley, PA


Fredericks Company, located in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, is a leading innovator and manufacturer of tilt measurement and vacuum measurement products – sensors, electronic assemblies, gauges and controllers, and vacuum measurement products – sensors.

Fredericks Company had embarked on a growth initiative that focused on their traditional business development efforts as well as utilization of digital/internet marketing strategies. The objective is to increase top-line business to combat declining presence of several products, competitive pressures, and overall economic uncertainty.

To achieve the desired state of enhancing their internet marketing strategy, the company wished to generate awareness, capture interest from prospects, and respond effectively to inquiries. Specifically, the company wished to improve their marketing and search engine presence, research new and current markets, create marketing materials, and generate tools to support sales.

The Solution

DVIRC and its strategic partner, Brand Llama, engaged with Fredericks to provide a robust digital marketing program addressing the following elements: providing marketing, strategy, design and support services, such as email marketing, online advertising, search engine optimization, white paper creation, blog post publications, and more. Additionally, DVIRC established a marketing reporting and metrics system, which included lead scoring and marketing automation to help fill the sales funnel for The Fredericks Company in multiple markets. Tactically, DVIRC provided the following:

Online Advertising

DVIRC worked with Fredericks to help improve their online advertising results and drive more leads to their website through the following efforts:

  • Updating the keywords on their campaigns
  • Rewriting ads and adjusting their tone and message
  • Creating landing pages to test different messaging and lead generating tactics
  • Creating micro-targeted campaigns for specific companies that were highly sought after potential customers
  • Improved campaign costs and reduced ad spend budget by over 50%

Website Search Engine Optimization

DVIRC worked with Fredericks to improve their overall search engine listings on the non-paid/organic side as well. This included:

  • Updating the keywords on their website
  • Running audits and performance reports to determine areas of issue
  • Creating recommendations for improvements on key pages
  • Supporting and training their team on how to monitor keyword performance
  • Supporting and training their team on how to run audits and make optimization improvements

Other Projects

DVIRC also worked with Fredericks to improve their website through the following efforts:

  • Recommended and implemented Navigational changes to help users navigate the site faster
  • Built a product configurator for the MX200 product
  • Added eCommerce and detailed Quoting tools to the website
  • Integrated automated marketing and a light CRM system into the site for sales opportunity tracking


Unique searches and website activity have all increased since Fredericks starting to work with DVIRC and Brand Llama. The costs of utilizing the service have reduced their overall marketing cost with increased results versus their previous vendor. The company has reported:

A reduction in cost of over 50% compared to previous provider, with much greater results, as evidenced by:

  • 6.08% increase in users
  • 7.63% increase in new users
  • 9.41% increase in sessions
  • 13.37% increase in page views
  • 4.62% decrease in bounce rate
  • Organic search traffic per month experienced a 96.5% increase in June 2020 compared to June 2018, and there has been a consistent trend upwards since January 2018

Online Advertising

  • Cost per click went down by nearly $2
  • Better responses from people clicking the ads
  • Better targeted potential customers
  • Less wasted clicks on ads
  • More engagement from the campaigns
  • More competitive and improved placement for the ads

Search Engine Optimization

  • Website traffic from organic search listings has increased by more than 60%
  • More leads from the website in general
  • Their team handles a large number of updates themselves directly


According to Shawn Orr, Technical Business Development Manager at Fredericks, “Working with DVIRC and Brand Llama (and Sagan Medvec) has been an extremely rewarding and beneficial effort for the company. Results of the digital marketing campaign have been all positive.  Internet traffic and client growth have grown tremendously since the start of the work, and certainly year over year.  We are very pleased with the results.”

Additionally, Shawn added, “Sagan takes the time to learn the company and the business and is extremely knowledgeable, and is always willing to assist. Sagan is innovative and solution-oriented, and sees opportunity for continued growth with the company. He is professional, and works well and diligently with the company team.”