What’s boosting green building knowledge?

December 19, 2012

The green energy market is thriving in the United States despite the lingering economic turmoil of the recession or relatively high integration costs. According to GlobalData’s new report titled "Green Building Growth Boosted by Smart Grid Technology, Increased Customer Awareness and Government Support," analysis is showing that a number of factors have come together to promote green energy solutions.

Consumer awareness of environmentally friendly practices has increased in recent years thanks to demand-response technologies that enable green buildings to lower their energy usage during peak hours by enabling communication between the structure’s thermostat and the grid. The advancing technology has promoted sustainability by making energy-efficient choices easier to make, because the system does it for the homeowner.

According to the source, research indicates that people are more interested in incorporating at least one or two green solutions in a home’s design. Individual homeowners are asking builders to use recycled materials, insulation with a higher R-value, energy-efficient utilities, light emitting diodes (LEDs) and other technologies to reduce the environmental impact of a property.

In addition to the advancing technology and greater consumer interest is the focus private companies and state and city officials have been making to go green. For example, developers in Washington D.C. are on the verge of accepting new environmentally friendly policies for building codes. Sustainable Business Oregon reports that the Green Building Act and new stormwater regulations could advance eco-friendly initiatives in the city.

"The private sector really has taken the lead in responding to market demand with respect to sustainability," said Ernie Jarvis, president of the D.C. Building Industry Association, according to the news source. "We are one of the greenest cities in the country, and it was really because of us responding to the market. We didn’t need a green building act to do the right thing."

Other state agencies are also taking a stand and promoting green building. The U.S. Department of Energy established the Energy Efficient Buildings Hub (EEB Hub) to improve the efficiency of buildings in Pennsylvania. Working as an Energy-Regional Innovation Center, the group tries to focus on green-energy initiatives in Pennsylvania.