USGBC joins foreign groups to celebrate world green building week

September 19, 2012

The global push for energy efficient buildings is continuing to gain momentum, and the week of September 17-21 is being celebrated around the world as a time when progress is highlighted and potential improvements are identified.

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is one of industry leaders that is helping to broaden the scope of organizations that are participating in the green buildings celebration – more than 20,000 organizations are involved around the world.

According to a release from the organization, there is an increased push for green buildings in cities and more of an effort regarding the creation of greener and healthier neighborhoods. The USGBC is charged with disseminating information nationally through events that promote green, resilient buildings and highlighting those who benefit most – American children.

"World Green Building Week is an important opportunity to educate communities around the world about the many benefits of green buildings-from human and environmental health to resilient infrastructure and robust economies," said Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO and Founding Chair of USGBC and Chair of the World Green Building Council. "We also want to draw attention to the next generation and address the importance of healthy, sustainable learning and living environments."

The events that are being held by the USGBC are not the only efforts that are being sponsored by organizations in the U.S., as the Department of Energy-sponsored Energy Efficient Buildings Hub (EEB Hub) is looking to raise awareness for green and sustainable structures through a number of programs.

One of these programs, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal, is being held at the location of the EEB Hub headquarters – The Navy Yard in South Philadelphia.

According to the news outlet, the University City Science Center is expanding its Quorom program of events – specifically designed for entrepreneurs – to The Navy Yard on a trial basis.

Since the University City Science Center is expanding its Quorom program to the EEB Hub, the events held for the non-profit will be in line with the energy efficient buildings push led by the DOE-sponsored innovation Hub.

The joint program will target the technology related to energy efficient buildings as part of the main push for the operation, and investment opportunities will be outlined for potential contributors.