Level One Lean Certification

Level One Lean Certification is a series of workshops, concepts and tools that apply specifically to today’s challenging work environment. The certification is a combination of both technical and social skills needed to implement sustainable change. As market forces continue to dictate price and lead time pressures, organizations need to focus their resources to meet these needs. The Level One certification is the launching of an individual’s continuous improvement journey. The certification is a pragmatic, “hit the ground running” hands-on approach that links acquired workshop knowledge to the workplace. Each candidate upon completion will learn to “Discover” improvement opportunities within an organization and learn how to capitalize on these opportunities. Each participant will be required to perform a “waste walk” within their organization and report upon their findings and recommendations to remove the identified wastes.

Upon completion of the level one certification the graduate will be able to:

  • Understand how to recognize and eliminate waste through the cycle of PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT
  • Know how to determine value added, non-valued-added, and non-value-added-but-required activities
  • Be able to identify the value stream, how it’s mapped, and how to identify the areas that require improvement Be able to develop a road map and an implementation plan
  • Recognize the fundamental importance of the Kaizen process, how it’s used in every aspect of a lean implementation, and how it’s used to change the culture
  • Gain a broad understanding of lean tools like value stream mapping, workplace organization, change management, teaming, kaizen methodology.

Workshops Included in the level one lean certification

A3 Management and Value Stream Mapping
A3 Thinking is a problem-solving, managing and learning method, based on W. Edwards Deming’s method of P-D-C-A, (Plan, Do, Check, Act). The workshop will demonstrate that  A3 is a way of thinking – not  a report-writing methodology.  Participants will learn the steps of effectively implementing the P-D-C-A cycle, while building a report that reflects the results of the cycle.
Value-stream maps are the blueprints for Lean transformations. This workshop shows you how to make and apply this fundamental and critical tool. Whether a product is being produced or a service rendered, a value stream exists. Mapping is a critical initial step in deploying a Lean business strategy because it shows you where you could apply other Lean techniques.

Principles of Lean Manufacturing
This hands-on workshop focuses on the basic principles of Lean. Attendees will have an opportunity to experience how Lean principles are applied in a simulated production environment.  The workshop simulation guides attendees through the transition from a traditional manufacturing approach to that of a Lean environment.  Waste is eliminated, productivity is increased, and the company gains a competitive edge in the marketplace. Attendees will participate, have fun, and leave this workshop with a good understanding of how Lean concepts could enhance performance for any type organization.

Teaming and Standard Work
In today’s competitive world, organizations are depending upon all employees to participate in their search for excellence.  This search requires a team effort.  However, many individuals have difficulty performing in a team environment. The teaming workshop helps describe the teaming process, stages of development, and characteristics of high-performance teams. Participants will learn their team player style and how best to utilize their key attributes in a team environment.
Standard work is defined as the best known way to effectively and efficiently perform an activity. When normal activities are not defined in the workplace, waste almost inevitably occurs. Developing and implementing Standard Work provides an efficient framework in which jobs are performed. Participants of this workshop will learn the key steps in developing, implementing and sustaining standard work.

Managing Change and Workplace Organization (5S)
To be successful in transforming an organization, you need to be able to stimulate action, build velocity, and sustain momentum. A Lean Transformation is change, and change needs to be managed. This workshop will help participants understand the change process, discover how team members respond to change, and recognize the needs of team members during the change process.
5S is a system for creating a visual workplace — a work environment that is self-explaining, self-ordering, and self-improving. The steps involved in the 5S system include sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain.  This hands-on workshop will allow all participants to learn and apply the 5S system in a simulation.

Root Cause Analysis and Mind Mapping
Mind Mapping allows people to understand a problem.  Root Cause tools form a methodology for finding and correcting the most important reasons for performance problems. This combination allows an individual “see the whole” of a problem and fix it so it stays fixed.
Attendees will learn to use Mind Mapping attendees to summarize a project, subject or a problem.  The summary allows all of the factors to be visualized and their relationships understood.  Attendees will then learn to use Root Cause tools to dig beyond typical initial answers, get to the true causes and find solutions to problems. Tools to be introduced include:

Changeover Reduction
Many organizations have achieved 75 percent or better reduction in their changeovers – often with low-cost/no-cost solutions. This workshop will show you how this was accomplished. The methods are based on the pioneering work of Dr. Shigeo Shingo and his SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) principles. The workshop utilizes a fun NASCAR pit crew simulation where team members apply their new training skills.

Groups over 10 individuals from the same company qualify to receive on-site customized delivery of this certification. Call 215-552-3827 for details.

If you would like more information on our certifications or workshops, please call Keith Ashlock at 215-52-3827 or send email to info@dvirc.org.

People want to feel valued, needed and rewarded. Lean keeps employees involved in identifying areas for improvement. It’s motivating. The DVIRC experience was very positive. Our consultant had a way of working with our people and making them feel comfortable.

Ernie DeLany
Probes Unlimited, Inc.