Level Two Lean Champions Certification


This certification is a powerful second step for individuals looking to fortify and lead their organization’s Lean journey. Continuing the theme of social / technical training the participant will further develop their skill sets to lead sustainable change within their organization. Our distinct learn and then do approach is proven to develop Lean leaders that can manage, measure and lead their organization’s Lean transformation. Each participant will be required to complete a VSM and create a roadmap for improvement deployment activities.

Workshops included in the Level Two Lean Champions Certification:

Applying Lean Throughout the Enterprise
Flow represents the efficiency by which customer interest is turned into customer satisfaction. By this definition, flow encompasses all areas of a business, not just production. To achieve maximum gain, flow must occur across the Lean enterprise. Often, the impediment to flow and to improved business performance exists in areas other than production. During this workshop, you’ll learn how Lean concepts apply to the non-production areas such as procurement, accounting, and order processing. This workshop is structured around a case study.

Pull/Kanban and DMAIC
Achieving shop floor control of inventory and production scheduling without the aid of MRP is the hallmark of pull signals. When used correctly, pull signals can bring order from chaos by linking producing and consuming processes while often reducing WIP by 50%. This workshop teaches participants how to design and implement a visual customer-driven pull material replenishment system. You’ll learn how to implement repetitive pull systems, set up point-of-use material storage, interface with planning systems, and set lot sizes with capacity.  As part of this workshop we will also introduce you to the DMAIC methodology (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) and show you how it applies to Lean processes.

Lean Leadership and Performance Management
Capturing the right measures is of vital importance to the success of your Lean transformation. With the right measures in place, you can build and sustain momentum and win the support you need. With the wrong measures in place, you are falling on your sword. During this workshop, you will learn an array of tools and techniques for evaluating your Lean initiatives. You’ll walk away with new tools in your tool belt and an understanding of when and how to use them.

Maintenance Excellence ( 2 days)
Maintenance Excellence is a production-driven improvement methodology that is designed to optimize equipment reliability and ensure efficient management of plant assets through the use of employee involvement and empowerment, linking manufacturing, maintenance and  engineering. Maintenance Excellence means tapping into the “hidden capacity” of unreliable and ineffective equipment. Learn how manufacturers have improved productivity,  quality, customer service, and safety levels by reducing unplanned downtime as much as 40%-60% through this operator-based maintenance program.

The Facilitator Workshop (3 days)
Nearly every competitive organization today uses teams to continually improve processes in search of excellence. The Lean enterprise relies heavily on team processes. Effective facilitation can transform an average team into a high-performing, highly-successful team. This workshop will enable participants to experience the roles and techniques of facilitation as they are learned. Participants will facilitate small group activities and will receive detailed feedback and coaching after each performance.

FEE: $2990.00 per person

Lean Champions Successes

Listen to past participants as they discuss the benefits of Lean Champions and what it has gained for them and their businesses.

“Lean does work. It empowers the workforce to be self managing and improves the quality of your product. The fact that DVIRC is a local company with nearby training facilities has been very valuable. It’s easy to send our
employees there for off-site sessions and great to have DVIRC support close at hand.”
William Sterback Vice President Penn Reels