Lean Certifications

Level One Lean Certification is a series of workshops, concepts and tools that apply specifically to today’s challenging work environment.

The certification is a combination of both technical and social skills needed to implement sustainable change. As market forces continue to dictate price and lead time pressures, organizations need to focus their resources to meet these needs.

The Level One certification is the launching of an individual’s continuous improvement journey. The certification is a pragmatic, “hit the ground running” hands-on approach that links acquired workshop knowledge to the workplace. Each candidate upon completion will learn to “Discover” improvement opportunities within an organization and learn how to capitalize on these opportunities. Each participant will be required to perform a “waste walk” within their organization and report upon their findings and recommendations to remove the identified wastes.

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This certification is a powerful second step for individuals looking to fortify and lead their organization’s Lean journey.

Continuing the theme of social / technical training the participant will further develop their skill sets to lead sustainable change within their organization. Our distinct learn and then do approach is proven to develop Lean leaders that can manage, measure and lead their organization’s Lean transformation. Each participant will be required to complete a VSM and create a roadmap for improvement deployment activities.

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Level One Lean Certification

September 05, 2019

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