Training & Education

CatalogCover21415Since 1995 DVIRC has had the privilege of engaging over 4,000 individuals from over 2,000 companies in our performance-driven training & education programs.

Our proven “learn and do” systems approach to education not only generates results but helps to build the learning culture companies need to compete.

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This year we have added several new learning opportunities. Here are a few new items:

  • Launching of a new program to help manufacturers optimize their supply chain.
  • Added a KATA workshop to help drive sustainable results. This program helps companies drive from an “event driven” culture to a “daily driven” culture that allows for rapid response to meet the changing demands of the marketplace.
  • Launched new programs to support top line growth, a key opportunity for manufacturers as the economy improves that will help them capture that all-important thing called “market share.”
  • We have also expanded our Organizational Learning offerings to build skills in employees to engage them to help grow the business.
  • And lastly, we have added Advanced Manufacturing Technology programs with focus on Additive and Composite manufacturing processes. These programs are geared to help companies with innovation and business development.

The bottom line: DVIRC wants to provide efficient and cost effective services to help you “grow your business value.” We recognize that you have limited resources and that you need to spend those resources on services that provide the greatest positive impact on the value of your business. We also recognize that every company is different and often needs a “customized” approach to deal with specific business issues.   DVIRC would like the opportunity to discuss those issues and work with you to address them.

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