Technology Should Be A Driver Of Company Strategy

August 19, 2015

The combination of “best practice” technology infrastructure and applications software is widely recognized as key competitive advantages by manufacturers.  Your organization needs to develop and execute the right strategies for making sure that technology improves your company’s growth and business practices.  Many opportunities exist for both technology and software.  Assessing your company’s opportunities for technology improvements, while assigning values and priorities to each, is critical to adding measurable value to your business.

To develop needed strategies for optimizing the impact of technology, DVIRC offers a dual assessment to support important decisions:

  • For your technology foundation (hardware, networks, cloud, data, and security), DVIRC offers a comprehensive assessment and strategic report that closes the gap between current practice and best practice.  We align your business processes with technology solutions to optimize your daily operations and vision for how you will do business in the future.  Our assessment report will direct your actions to acquire technology alternatives in house or in the cloud.  We will ensure that you have an effective, safe, and cost justified technology path to the future.
  • For your applications software (CRM, ERP, warehouse, shop floor, quality, and accounting), DVIRC combines a value discussion with an assessment what the right software capability can mean to your operations, your customers, and your supply chain.  Whether you decide to enhance your current solution or choose a new ERP system, DVIRC will support you in making the right choice for your business processes and strategies.  We ensure that you review only the best solutions for your needs and complete the due diligence necessary to maximize the results new software will provide.

DVIRC should be your business partner for technology and applications software decisions because:

  • The DVIRC team does this all the time.  We have supported small and mid-sized manufacturers successfully for over 20 years.
  • We are solution independent.  We do not represent OEM’s and software developers. We represent you!
  • We know the marketplace for technology solutions and application software.  Based on our assessments and discussions on business process and strategy, we quickly focus your alternatives at levels of cost and performance that will support your vision for years to come.

Manufacturers have an ever increasing number of options to evaluate in making the best choices for technology and software solutions.  Use the DVIRC team’s knowledge and experience to position your company to achieve the greatest business value from these critical components of competitive advantage for growing business value.

To learn more, please contact us at call at 215-464-8550.

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