Rush Johnson

Rush has been implementing lean transformations for nearly 30 years, bringing a broad range of industry experience to his current position as a Senior Advanced Manufacturing Specialist.  With a deep knowledge of all aspects of the Lean Enterprise, Rush has designed and led 5S, Cellular Manufacturing, Demand Flow, Six Sigma, Total Productive Maintenance, Value Stream Mapping, Kanban Pull Systems, and numerous Kaizen  projects producing results in all areas of manufacturing companies.

Grounded by his work as a Plant Industrial Engineer and Lean Manufacturing Coordinator for 18 years with American Standard—one of the world’s largest manufacturers of plumbing products, Rush has crafted a career with multiple companies and also worked as a sole proprietor consultant in  Lean Manufacturing.

At American Standard, Rush designed and implemented a $3 million downsizing project that successfully converted the plant from $10 million loss to $8 million profit within 5 years.  Rush led the team that converted the entire plant from traditional batch manufacturing to Flow Manufacturing in 3 years using Demand Flow Technologies, resulting in $500 million savings in working capital, inventory turns increasing from 8 to 15 turns, decreasing Work in Process by 100%, and reducing cycle times from 21 days to 11 days.  As a result, in 191 the American Standard Trenton, NJ plant was presented with the “Manufacture of the Year” award by John Costanza of the JIT Institute of Technology.

Rush has facilitated Lean Transformations for over 60 clients during his career, and held multiple positions that round out his base of knowledge and experience.  He has served as an Account Executive selling Lean Consulting services; a Plant Manager responsible for all production, safety, maintenance, operations, shipping and distribution; a Continuous Improvement Manager and Lean Leader designing and implementing operations solutions. In his position as Lean Leader with General Electric Company’s Whipanny, NJ facility Rush led all Lean and Six Sigma projects for improved work flow, efficiency, and safety.

Rush has developed the broad communication skills necessary to effectively work directly with executive leadership, middle management, and shop floor associates alike.  Rush has a Bachelor’s degree in business Administration from Ohio University and numerous technical training certifications, including GE’s Six sigma Black Belt training and JIT Institute of Technology Lean and Mix Modeling classes.