Manny Veloso

A Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Lean expert, Manny Veloso has over 25 years of hands-on experience working with and for manufacturing companies locally and around the world.

Manny is a highly successful change manager who helps companies begin and progress through their journey as they work towards a better model for manufacturing excellence.  Serving as both a teacher and a mentor, Manny provides instruction and training and works on-site to assist manufacturers successfully implement their Lean and Six Sigma efforts.  Due to Manny’s vast technical knowledge and experience that DVIRC can stand behind its money back guarantee of 100% ROI on all Six Sigma projects.

Prior to joining DVIRC in 2004, Manny’s worked for Trane Corporation—an international leader in HVAC systems and solutions—in positions that included manufacturing, engineering, quality, and shop floor operations.  During his time with Trane, he spent several years living and working in Asia designing and implementing Lean programs in factories in Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Egypt.

In addition to his experience with Lean methodologies for manufacturing, Manny is also an expert on lean methods in administrative areas such as finance, scheduling, invoicing and other non-manufacturing functions.

Manny’s 12 plus years of experience in manufacturing consulting has resulted in some remarkable successes for clients such as Pepperidge Farm where he helped them reduce their waste by 60% and their repair labor by 30%.   That’s a lot of Goldfish!

Manny was also able to help the largest cocoa supplier in the U.S.—Barry Callebaut—where he lead their Six Sigma team to rapidly realize a cost savings of $105,000 and an energy cost savings of over $250,000 annually.

Manny’s expertise in the manufacturing and services industries includes: A3, Six Sigma Tools & Techniques, Operations and Production, Quality, Engineering, Plant Layout, and Lean Office.

Manny holds a Bacherlor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Penn State University and an MBA from Rider University in New Jersey.