Blommer Chocolate

Blommer achieved consistent double-digit growth in an industry that grows about two percent annually. Historically, Blommer invested heavily in capital equipment. In 2004, management decided to focus on employee development and process improvement. Their goal was to deliver manufacturing principlesthat would enable employees to grow, while helping the company better manage rapidly increasing business.

DVIRC implemented Lean to identify and eliminate waste while making an immediate impact on productivity. DVIRC helped Blommer establish a leadership steering committee and created formal metrics to monitor continuous improvement initiatives. DVIRC designed and delivered a customized training program for Blommer’s entire workforce, beginning with in-depth training of managers, supervisors and group leaders to create and empower a continuous improvement culture. Blommer continued the journey with Lean process analysis and cross training.Additional efforts included numerous Kaizen events – focused short-term projects designed to drive culture change and improve processes in various areas of the facility.

As a result of implementing Lean Transformation initiatives through DVIRC, Blommer Chocolate realized the following benefits:

  • 40% reduction in product waste
  • Eliminated pumping chocolate spills
  • Increased throughput in cocoa milling area by 5 percent or 50,000 pounds per week
  • Gained more than $50,000 in employee time savings
  • Supported culture of continuous improvement


Blommer Chocolate is the largest cocoa bean processor and chocolate manufacturer in North America. Founded in 1939, the company serves customers around the world.