Small businesses may benefit from adding green jobs and emphasizing sustainability

October 4, 2011

Although sometimes characterized as being entirely opposite concepts, efficient business practices and environmentally friendly (or “green”) ideas are being brought together by businesses in various fields. The continuation of these trends, coupled with the creation of new green jobs, may end up being to the benefit of many companies.

According to Forbes, various sustainable practices and green jobs have already been implemented with a fair amount of success in major companies such as General Electric, Waste Management and Wal-Mart. However, these practices have not been utilized to as great a degree by the majority of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

The news source reports that companies falling into the SMB category that have chosen to incorporate the principles of sustainability have seen increased financial success and added a significant number of new jobs in the process. Despite this, environmental concerns are, for some companies, saddled with a stigma of being bad for business.

Since other major economic players in the world, such as China, are choosing to incorporate sustainable energy sources and related tactics into their businesses, environmentally friendly practices may soon become more important for competition in the global economy.

According to ElectroIQ, the U.S. exported $5.63 billion in renewable solar energy products during 2010.