Sandler Sales Training Workshops

Available Exclusively Through DVIRC

DVIRC is pleased to offer Sandler Sales Training workshops not typically available to the public in a half- or full-day format. Similar Sandler courses retail between $1,000 – $1,500 per person. The following training modules are being offered exclusively through DVIRC at a fraction of the regular retail price.

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Track 1 – Sandler Consultative Sales Training

Learn how to improve your sales process by using a proven “Selling System” to increase your closing percentage and shorten your sales cycle.


Targets those with responsibility for supervising others, especially production, hourly and entry level employees.

This two session course is designed to help you and your organization to become more effective and more successful in the sales arena. In session one, we will discuss the importance of implementing a proven system that will keep you in control of the sales process, so that you can increase your closing percentage and shorten your sales cycle. You will learn the 3 most important rules of business and you will discover how to create instant rapport with your prospects and clients. In addition, we will discuss the importance of the Up-Front Contract when dealing with prospects, which puts you in control of the sales process.

In session two, discover how incorporating questioning techniques like Reversing, the Rule of 3, the Dummy Curve, and the 70-30 Rule will keep you in control of the sales process so that you qualify your opportunities and avoid free consulting. We will also explore how to uncover your prospect’s real PAIN, take your prospect down the “Pain Funnel” to expose problems even they didn’t know they had. In this session, you also will learn how to uncover the prospect’s decision-making process and budget, which will help you to avoid giving proposals/presentations and wasting time with prospects who are just kicking the tires and don’t qualify to receive your time or expertise.

Who should attend?

CEOs, Presidents, Sales managers, inside and outside sales staff.


  • Shorten your selling cycle
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Close more business
  • Receive a higher margin on the business you close
  • Develop a selling system to keep you in control of the sales process
  • Eliminate the sales challenges that keep you from reaching your goals


Participants will leave this session with a system that will increase their sales and they will implement a methodology to take control of the sales process.

Session One – 11/5/15

Why Have a System, Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone, Bond & Rapport, Up-Front Contract

Session Two – 11/19/15

Questioning Techniques, Pain, Budget & Decision, Fulfillment & Post-Sell

Track 2 – Sandler Sales Prospecting

Learn how to prospect more effectively to meet the key decision makers of your ideal target clients.  Each attendee will improve their selling techniques and develop a personal and customized actionable sales plan.


This two session course is designed to demonstrate a step by step process that will result in a larger sales pipeline which will help you to increase your business. In session one, we will cover the essential elements of building a sales plan.

Discover what behaviors you must incorporate into your daily/weekly/monthly sales activities and learn techniques to leverage your current contacts into new business. You will also develop a powerful 30-second commercial that will differentiate you from your competition, and you will begin to bridge your initial introduction to a new contact into a pain provoking conversation. We will discuss where to go to successfully network, how to make the best use of your time, methods to track the results of your networking activities, and learn how to measure your return on investment. Come to this session to learn how to network with a plan, meet the people you’d like to target, and make more appointments with qualified opportunities.

In session two, The Cold Call Boot Camp, you will discover innovative techniques to get past the gate keeper, effectively handle email and voice mail, and close for an appointment or close the deal. You will also learn how to become more effective asking for and receiving referrals from your current clients and business partners. You will learn how to target strategic partners, teach those partners to give you good, strong referrals, and measure the return on investment of those relationships. We will discuss techniques to effectively cross-sell and up-sell which is the quickest, easiest, least expensive way to generate more revenue. In this session, you will also learn how to use educational seminars, peer groups, and strategic alliances to gain clients and increase your business.

Who should attend?

CEOs, Presidents, Sales managers, inside and outside sales staff.


You will leave this training with the following:

  • Your personal customized, actionable sales plan
  • A powerful 30-second commercial that will differentiate you from the competition
  • Improved networking skills
  • New cold calling tips
  • A plan for increasing the number of referrals you receive
  • Advanced prospecting techniques


Participants will leave this session with the tools to prospect more effectively and increase their business.

Session One – 12/3/15

Developing a Sales Plan, Leveraging Your Contacts, Building a Referral System

Session Two – 12/17/15

Building your 30-Second Commercial; Cold Call Boot Camp

Track 3 – Sales Training for the Non-Traditional Salesperson

This session is for technical/non-traditional sales people that do not have a sales background.  You will learn the basics of building a business development plan and be guided through a step-by-step process (Sandler Selling System) to effectively develop business.


This two session course is designed to demonstrate a step by step process that will result in increasing your business.

In session one, we will explore why it is important for the technical, non-traditional sales person or business owner to be involved with business development, and why it is important to have a system for sales. In this session, you will learn the basics of building a business development plan, and balancing your business development responsibilities with your other responsibilities. We will introduce you to a number of ways to market yourself and help you choose a plan that works with your unique style. We will show you how to target strategic partners, teach those partners to give you good, strong referrals, and measure the return on investment of those relationships. Finally, we will explore time management issues that are inherent when balancing getting your work done with developing new business.

In session two, you will also be introduced to a portion of the Sandler Selling System – PAIN, Budget and Decision. These are the qualifying steps of the Sandler System. Learn how to uncover your prospect’s real PAIN by taking them down the “Pain Funnel” and uncovering challenges even they didn’t know they had. After determining if you have uncovered enough pain, learn how to discover the prospect’s decision-making process and budget and avoid giving proposals/presentations & wasting time with prospects who don’t qualify.

Who should attend?

Engineers, Owners, and Technical Professionals who have moved into a sales role.


You will leave this training with the following:

  • Your customized sales plan
  • A powerful 30-second commercial
  • Improved networking skills
  • A plan for increasing the number of referrals you receive
  • A networking plan
  • Improved time management skills
  • A proven system to better qualify prospects


Participants will leave this session with an increased comfort level around the sales process, an individual sales plan, and a system to more effectively qualify or disqualify new opportunities, so that they don’t waste time and money providing free consulting to unqualified prospects.

Session One

Overcoming the stigma of sales, Developing a Prospecting Plan, and Time Management

Session Two

Why Have a System, Qualifying Opportunities – the Pain, Budget, and Decision steps of the sales process

Track 4 – Sandler Enterprise Sales Training for Large, Complex Sales

The course is designed for companies who need to overcome the challenges of selling into large, complex opportunities. You will learn how to use the Relationship Builder Tool to more effectively enhance your sales process, to prepare for and qualify large opportunities, and to develop and win ongoing business with current clients once you succeed.


This two session course is designed for companies who need to overcome the challenges of selling into large, complex opportunities. When compared to selling to small and medium-sized companies, enterprise clients present vastly different challenges. Some of the challenges that this program will help participants overcome include:

  • Extended sales cycles that don’t produce results
  • High cost of pursuing sales opportunities that don’t close into new business often enough
  • Sophisticated Competition
  • Cross-functional sales teams who need to work together more effectively
  • Complex decision structures that make it difficult to navigate the sales process

These sessions will help you to more effectively prepare for these large opportunities, qualify the opportunities BEFORE you invest time and money, and maximize your results once you land an enterprise client.

On day one, you will discover how the Relationship Builder Tool helps you to build focused relationship-enhancing actions with your prospects. Once you uncover more detailed information about your prospects, we will show you the most effective way to utilize the information to more proficiently build rapport with your prospects and clients (especially for those large, complex organizations with multiple buyers and multiple decision makers). You will learn why it is critical to prepare both the questions to pose to the client, and the possible responses that you may receive to your questions BEFORE you have the meeting. We will discuss the importance of minimizing assumptions on your sales calls by learning the facts, the value of preparation and time management BEFORE the call, and how pre-call planning will increase your confidence and the potential for success.

On day two, we will explore the Client Squared Tool. We will discuss the importance of successful delivery after you have won the business, and we will provide you with a tool that will make it easier to win multiple contracts and develop ongoing business with current clients. In this program, we will also explore the KARE (Keep, Attain, Recapture, and Expand) approach to help you more effectively approach your prospects and clients to develop ongoing business. The KARE tool will also help you more effectively deploy your internal resources to grow your business. With the Growth Account Booster Tool we will discuss why goal setting is critical to account strategy; why maintaining and discussing a current account pipeline filled with opportunities that match the account strategy is essential.

Who should attend?

CEOs/Presidents, sales team members, and members of your organization who are involved in the sales process for large, complex opportunities.


  • Develop a more effective plan on how to capture more business with Enterprise clients
  • Develop a process to more effectively qualify or disqualify opportunities earlier in the sales process
  • Position yourself more effectively against the competition
  • Close more business at better margins
  • Increase the amount of business that you receive from current clients through up-selling, cross-selling, and retaining clients for a longer period of time


Participants will leave this session with an increased comfort level around the sales process, an individual sales plan, and a system to more effectively qualify or disqualify new opportunities, so that they don’t waste time and money providing free consulting to unqualified prospects.

Each Track includes two (2) half-day sessions (8:30 am – 12:00) and is held at DVIRC in NE Philadelphia.

Discount Pricing for Multiple Registrations:

Regular price
Per person / one track = $425

Register for 2 (people or tracks)
Receive 15% Off $850 – 15% = $725

Register for 3 (people or tracks)
Receive 25% Off $1,275 – 25% = $949

Register for 4 (people or tracks)
Receive 30% Off $1,700 – 30% = $1,179

Register for 5 (people or tracks)
Receive 35% Off $2,125 – 35% = $1,379

To attend any Sandler Sales Workshop contact DVIRC via the contact form below or call 215-552-3827.

Track Schedule

Sandler Consultative Sales Training – Track 1

Nov 5 & Nov 19, 2015
8:30am – 12:00pm

Sandler Sales Prospecting – Track 2

Dec 3 & Dec 17, 2015
8:30am – 12:00pm

Sandler Professional Advantage Sales Training for the Non-Traditional Sales Person – Track 3

Mar 3 & Mar 16, 2016
8:30am – 12:00pm

Sandler Enterprise Sales Training – Track 4

May 4 & May 18, 2016
8:30am – 12:00pm