Report to White House outlines potential new manufacturing strategy

July 18, 2012

While the U.S. Congress is working out the plans for potential policies regarding the nation's industries, including the long-debated Farm Bill, the current administration has taken steps to create a national manufacturing strategy.

A report from the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) urged President Barack Obama to consider building on the progress that has already been made on improving domestic manufacturing competitiveness and encouraging companies to invest in the U.S.

According to a release from the White House, the report came as part of the effort by the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Steering Committee (AMP), an esteemed group of leaders from organizations within the industry.

"Right now we have a real opportunity to bring manufacturing back, and we need to seize it together.  That’s why I launched the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership – to make it easier for business, academia, and government to pull in the same direction and put more Americans back to work," Obama previously said in a statement.

The President noted that the U.S. needs to start making, in abundance, things that the world wants to buy in order for the American economy to take off. While other sectors operate separately from manufacturing, many industries are tied to what is produced domestically.

Andrew N. Liveris, chairman and CEO of Dow Chemical, co-chairs the AMP, and noted that new report goes a long way toward outlining how the U.S. should support domestic industry.

"This report is a positive step forward in the national drive to enhance American manufacturing competitiveness, particularly in advanced technologies and materials," said Liveris. "This initiative will help set the stage for advanced manufacturing to thrive in the U.S., by creating a foundation that can accelerate the development of the new solutions and technologies which are critical for job creation and sustainable economic growth."

A separate release from the White House noted that there are a number of initiatives being pushed by the President, including grants to help promote and enable innovation, funding for R&D investment, improving the business climate and securing a talent pipeline for companies.

While the White House acknowledged that business strategy and the economic climate play a significant role in how companies are able to do, the report was designed to outline the role that the government can play.