Pennsylvania gas distribution system manufacturer plans to expand with new facility

October 3, 2011

Manufacturing businesses in Pennsylvania have constituted one of the state’s most viable and productive industrial sectors in recent years. In the hopes of keeping this trend alive and creating more jobs for state residents, Applied Energy Systems plans to begin work on a new production facility on October 5.

The Malvern-based company is known for manufacturing high-purity gas source and distribution systems and has been in business in the town since 1985. The new facility, a Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing and Technology (SEMAT) center, will be two stories and 16,000 square feet in area, located next to the current Applied Energy Systems facility.

Steve Buerkel, the company’s president, discussed the potential of the new SEMAT center after announcing the plans for its construction.

“This new building will usher in a new chapter in the company’s life by providing the extra space we need to develop better product and more jobs in the community,” Buerkel said. “We enjoy the small town atmosphere…and hope our success will further the growth of our community.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the manufacturing of heating equipment and other climate-control products constituted 12.6 percent of total employment in the machinery manufacturing sector in 2008.