PennFuture program supports eco-friendly legislation

February 15, 2013

The green group Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future (PennFuture) have sent out praise for the Pennsylvania State House for passing the House Bill 34. RenewablesBiz  reports that the vote passed and was sponsored by Representative Kate Harper, R-Montgomery.

“This smart legislation is a major win for taxpayers, the environment, and the economy,” said Steve Stroman, policy director for PennFuture, according to the news source. “Building our government facilities to these standards will save taxpayers money by cutting energy costs drastically; it will protect our families and businesses from harmful air pollution; and it will make our public workers more productive. This is a terrific move forward for everyone. We commend Rep. Harper for her wise leadership in crafting and moving this bill to passage in the House. And we are pleased that House Republican leaders moved this bill forward so expeditiously in the new session.”

RenewablesBiz reports that the bill supports the creation of high-performance standards for new construction projects that are either owned or substantially leased by the Commonwealth. The bill would allow the state’s government, including the State System of Higher Education, to serve as a model of how eco-friendly buildings can easily be constructed and used without harming overall fiscal stability. The operation expense reductions created from energy-efficient materials, systems and new technologies will help support the continued development and incorporation of green energy initiatives.

“PennFuture was pleased to work with the Commonwealth’s green buildings advocates and organizations to make this legislation move forward,” said Stroman, according to the news source. “We look forward to working to pass this bill in the State Senate, where Sen. John Rafferty, R-Montgomery, has been a strong champion of green building legislation.”

Agencies across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are working to push forward various green energy initiatives for new construction projects. The Energy Efficient Buildings Hub (EEB Hub) works in the greater Philadelphia area to promote various eco-friendly practices and materials. The agency was established by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and other government and non-government institutions to helps develop green initiatives. The recent passing of House Bill 34 will boost this agency’s goals of promoting sustainable building practices.

These and other environmental victories help establish Pennsylvania as a state that cares about future and the impact its commercial ventures have on the local communities.