New innovation center in San Diego attains LEED Platinum Certification

November 29, 2012

American developers are seeking out the latest in green building resources to achieve new sustainability benchmarks. Scoop San Diego reports that San Diego Gas & Electric's Energy Innovation Center, which is intended to educate business and residential homeowners about energy efficiency, recently achieved LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

"Earning LEED Platinum certification for the Energy Innovation Center is a significant milestone for SDG&E, and is a testament to all of our committed employees and community partners who have worked to help make this vision a reality," said Pam Fair, vice president of environmental, operations support and chief environmental officer for SDG&E, according to the news source. "Since its unveiling earlier this year, this facility has been a valuable resource for the community and is demonstrating ways that we all can move toward a more sustainable energy future."

The news source claims that the building has been outfitted with six sun-tracking solar trees in the parking lot to provide shade and generate approximately 62 kW of electricity, solar panels are also outfitted on the roof of the building and over 85 percent of the original building's materials were reused or recycled, including the carpet, which was already made from recycled tires.

In addition, the cool roof technology installed on the building will help keep the center cool without the assistance of central air.

"SDG&E’s Energy Innovation Center has raised the bar for our leadership class of high-performing green buildings in San Diego," said Douglas Kot, executive director of the San Diego Green Building Council. "Perhaps, more importantly, the Center has also transformed an underutilized commercial neighborhood center into a beacon of sustainability."

This center is just one of the latest sustainable structures built in the United States with the help of dedicated green-organizations. For example, the Energy Efficient Buildings Hub (EEB Hub) was established by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as an Energy-Regional Innovation Cluster dedicated to promoting the integration of green energy technology into commercial building design. The agency is located in Philadelphia, and it intends to help professionals in the construction industry and commercial property owners select green energy alternatives in building design.