Sales & Marketing Network Group

Membership in DVIRC’s Sales & Marketing Network Group provides a rewarding opportunity to introduce and share best practices for top line growth.

This unique group is dedicated entirely to sales and marketing success.

Like all of DVIRC’s core offerings, this group has been developed to serve the small to medium sized manufacturing businesses in and around Southeastern Pennsylvania.  It also has a learn and apply focus that is ideal for those tasked with expanding an organization’s revenue streams.

Membership benefits include:

  • A Sales & Marketing Performance Assessment
  • Development & management of key growth objectives /KPIs to align with strategic positioning
  • Peer to peer knowledge sharing
  • Group performance reports
  • Guest speaker meetings with sales & marketing thought leaders
  • Member company case studies with peer & expert feedback
  • Professional facilitator, advisor and coach (one on one coaching available*)
  • A shared environment where everyone has a similar commitment to growth and a positive outlook towards exceeding their strategic objectives

For more information:

To be a guest at one of our upcoming meetings, or for more information, please call DVIRC at 215-464-8550 or visit