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January 24, 2017

DVIRC has been running manufacturing network groups for over 20 years, now with 10 different groups and nearly 130 members that are committed to sharing with and learning from their peers. Members experience confidential peer-to-peer feedback on their toughest issues, knowledge acquisition from expert guest speakers, insights on “best practices” and plant tours.

Executive Network Guidelines

Manufacturers Council

Executive CEO Groups

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Join today and become part of an exclusive membership for manufacturing leaders, membership includes monthly meetings, tours, and special events including the 2017 Annual Network Event on August 15th at the Eagle Lodge.

Contact your  DVIRC representative to find out which group is best for you – 215-464-8550!


What Members Say…

“DVIRC Manufacturing Network Groups foster meaningful peer relationships that increase in value over time through sharing of knowledge and experience. Manufacturing Council is my go-to advisory board when facing the toughest decisions, and a regular source of wisdom, encouragement, and accountability.”

Nick Hackett, President
New Way Air Bearings


“Having access to peers in similar leadership roles that are willing to openly share and offer honest and direct counsel is invaluable. I highly value my membership.”

Mary Shafer, General Manager
Fabric Development, Inc.



“Being part of the group makes me realize I’m not out there alone. Other people have similar trials and tribulations. It’s great to have a group of peers who share their strategic approach to dealing with it all.”

Bob Rosania, President
Ehmke Manufacturing Company, Inc.

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