Mayor of Norwich, Connecticut, believes manufacturing will greatly aid city's economy

September 27, 2011

Peter Nystrom, mayor of Norwich, Connecticut, offered his views on the future of the city's economy at a City Hall roundtable discussion on September 23. He stated that manufacturing might be precisely what Norwich needs to help aid the improvement of the city's infrastructure.

According to the Norwich Bulletin, Nystrom remains positive despite challenges that still persist in hampering the economic recovery of the city. The city's government plans to release a plan in 2012 that is intended to attract business owners and investors to contribute to the city's infrastructure.

The news source reports that the plan is in line with Nystrom's views, as he stated at the roundtable meeting, while also emphasizing the importance of developing the downtown area of Shipping Street.

"We're well-suited for manufacturing," he said, according to the news source. "The Shipping Street area is attractive."

One of the major target areas of the aforementioned infrastructure plan, the Intermodal Transportation Center, is currently under construction and scheduled to be complete in April 2012. "Construction is ahead of schedule," Nystrom told the news source.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that manufacturing businesses in Connecticut are projected to have employed about 167,900 workers in August of 2011. 

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