Lean Certification Level 1

Because YOU CAN make a bigger difference

Whether you’re a business owner, or a professional seeking to improve your skills the DVIRC can support your goals. To effectively compete today, U.S. manufacturers must adopt and sustain continuous improvements. As a practitioner, these lean skills are extremely valuable to have.

Our Lean Level One Certification has graduated over 2,500 individuals from every manufacturing industry sector. Our unique and comprehensive series of workshops introduces students to lean principles. You will learn to distinguish value-added activities from non-value-added and eliminate costly waste. Upon completion of this certification, you will be able to “discover” improvement opportunities within your organization. Furthermore, you will understand how to capitalize on them in a team-based format to create real value through reduced costs, increased cash flow, and customer satisfaction.

Industrial engineering in factory

Registration is now open in three locations in the Delaware Valley

What You Will Learn

With this certification you will launch your very own continuous improvement journey. The course skills are pragmatic—a “hit the ground running” hands-on approach that links acquired workshop knowledge to the workplace.

Upon completion of the level one certification you will be able to:

  • Understand how to recognize and eliminate waste through the cycle of PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT
  • Know how to determine value added, non-valued-added, and non-value-added-but-required activities
  • Be able to identify the value stream, how it’s mapped, and how to identify the areas that require improvement Be able to develop a road map and an implementation plan
  • Recognize the fundamental importance of the Kaizen process, how it’s used in every aspect of a lean implementation, and how it’s used to change the culture
  • Gain a broad understanding of lean tools like value stream mapping, workplace organization; change management, teaming, Kaizen methodology.

Why You Should Choose DVIRC Training

DVIRC strives to bring the best training and education offerings to our client base and continues to develop and deliver results-oriented programming. Over the past 20 years, we have delivered training and education to some 4,200 individuals in over 2,000 companies in our region. This level of investment by manufacturing leaders demonstrates their commitment to making sure their most important asset—their people—actually appreciate in value!

Over 2,500 People Lean Certified Since 1995


People want to feel valued, needed and rewarded. Lean keeps employees involved in identifying areas for improvement. It’s motivating. The DVIRC experience was very positive. Our consultant had a way of working with our people and making them feel comfortable.

Ernie DeLany
Probes Unlimited, Inc.

Lean does work. It empowers the workforce to be self-managing and improves the quality of your product. The fact that DVIRC is a local company with nearby training facilities has been very valuable. It’s easy to send our employees there for off-site sessions and great to have DVIRC support close at hand.

William Sterback
Vice President
Penn Reels

Meet Your Instructors

Jeff Kopenitz

Jeff Kopenitz

Director, Advanced Manufacturing & Training & Education, Lean Master, Shingijutsu Japan


Donna Butchko

Principal Leadership Systems, Inc

Registration is now open in three locations in the Delaware Valley

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Six Sigma Black Belt

Black Belts have more statistical tools available to them to make more in-depth analysis of data. They can lead larger teams and be a technical resource for Green Belts in the organization. If you need a practitioner of the Six Sigma methodology within your organization, this certification is a must-attend. Participants will learn how to handle non-normal data analysis and Design-of-Experiments for advanced process control. And, as a part of the course, it is expected that you will come with a project to work on so that they can immediately apply their knowledge and realize return on investment on a specific business issue.

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